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Some of you may recognize today’s featured style and fashion blogger as the stand-out beauty every guy fell in love with on The Bachelor and as The Bachelorette:  Emily Maynard!  She’s much more than a pretty face though!  She is one of the funniest gals we know and has the sweetest, most endearing nature about her.  A true southern girl from beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina!  We got to know Emily while working on one of the Bachelor producer’s wedding a couple summers ago and have been envying her style ever since.  We’re excited to give you a peek into her fashion routine as well as (gasp!) her beauty secret!

How would you describe your style? 

All over the place! I always say girly with a little bit of an edge.

When and why did you start your blog? 

After being on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, no one cared about my thoughts on politics ( no clue why?!) they just wanted to know what color lipstick I was wearing, where I got my dress, and every other makeup/fashion related question imaginable!  At the time I was writing a blog for People.com and found that I really enjoyed it, so I figured creating my own blog where I could answer everyone’s questions in one place would be perfect!

Where do you find inspiration for your style as well as everyday life? 

As a mom, I usually find my inspiration for everyday life based on what is closest to me in my closet at 5:30am. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn’t so I just pray I don’t have to get out of my car for any reason on my way to taking Ricki to school.  No one wants to see me in my sneaker slippers and cat leggings!  But I’m like every other girl and can spend hours on Pinterest, so I like to see how other girls are putting together their outfits because it’s usually things I would never even think of and then I try to recreate it.  It’s kind of like going on a scavenger hunt!

What are your favorite fashion trends happening right now?  

Right now I’m really loving mixing different textures and styles to make them more wearable for everyday. Like taking a sequin skirt that you could usually only wear on a night out and pairing it with a chunky sweater and some cute boots for daytime. And as much as I hate cold weather, the only redeeming quality is that I get to wear my leather pants again!

Fashion trend you wish would come back… Jellies!

Beauty secret… Retin A

Celebrity style crush… Jillian Harris

Secret talent… Like a true West Virginian, I can shoot a gun like it’s nobody’s business!

I can’t live without… my faith and my daughter, Ricki


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