5 Body Positive Swim Suit Companies We Love

Finding good jeans is probably the hardest task we have ever tried to complete. to be completely honest we are still not sure we have found the perfect pair. That being said finding a swimsuit that we adore seems completely out of the question. Not only do we often feel insecure in swimsuits, sometimes it can be hard to even find a swimsuit in our size. If this sounds anything like you then what we are sharing today will help shift your mindset. Not only are you worthy of enjoying the summer sun just like anyone else but you deserve to feel beautiful while doing so. That’s why we have sourced 5 body positive swim suit companies we love, so you can get back to enjoying your summer!

1. Bruna Malucelli

Known for their fun embroidered patterns this company has the most unique and fun options on the block. Not to mention they, “Wholeheartedly embrace diversity. Everyone is welcomed. Our swimwear champions and celebrates all type of women and bodies.” Sounds like the perfect fit, right?

Image via @bruna.malucelli

2. Albion Fit

Known for their active wear, Albion Fit is an awesome option if your main priority is comfort. Not only do they have a large variety of options, but they also happen to have the most gorgeous styles on the market!

Image via @albionfit

3. Summer Salt

We are not going to lie, once you check out summer salt you will have a hard time walking away from their suits because they are just that gorgeous! Not only do they have the most amazing colors to choose from, they also have a wide variety of styles!

Image via @summersalt

4. Nakimuliinc

Their motto says it best, “Be bold; become your own trendsetter. Dream. Explore. Dare.” This is exactly how we would explain Nakimuliinc’s fun and exciting swim suit options!

Image via @nakimuliinc

5. Saltwater Collective

Girllll, get ready to fall in love, literally. Saltwater collective makes body positive swim suit options that everyone can adore. Don’t just take our word for it check them out for yourself!

Image via @thesaltwatercollective

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