7 Bohemian Braids For Festival Season

Festival season is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited to see all of the fashion and beauty trends on display! Braids are a great hairstyle to accomplish both having your hair out of your face in warmer weather and still look oh-so-chic at the same time. We have given you our favorite winter braids, and festival outfits that you already have in your closet, and today bring you some of the best bohemian braids for festival season!

Classic Half-Up fishtail

Photo via The Blondie Locks

This pretty half-up half-down fishtail braid is so beautiful and quick! When you are running around all day from stage to stage this fishtail is perfect! Pair it with long waves and little flowers for the quintessential festival look.

Glittery French Braids 

Photo by Emily Malan 

A fan favorite for a reason, these french braids are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face during the hot weather! Add some hair glitter to really make you sparkle and shine throughout the day!

Mohawk Braid High Pony

Photo via Olivia Culpo

A classic high pony never goes out of style, but why not add a little edge?! Create a mini braid at the front of the hair before it gets pulled back for a ponytail that will not disappoint.

Fishtail Crown Braid

Photo via Amber Fillerup

This fishtail crown braid is easier than it looks! Once you try it, this do will become your new go-to. Plus, it will keep your hair off your neck in the heat!

Bubble Braids

Photo via James Michelle

Put your own twist on these bubble braids by pulling the hair apart at the end to give it a messy, voluminous look. Top it off with a stylish sun hat and you’re good go go! Perfect for long or medium hair!

Bejeweled Side Braid

Photo via Teen Vogue

This hairstyle is the perfect way to switch things up and step out of the box. Pierce your braid with silver hoops along the sides for a look that nobody will forget! And the best part is… your favorite jewelry now serves a double purpose!

Loose French Braid Low Pony

Photo via Pinterest

If you throw in some extensions, your hair will look fuller, longer, and have more volume, which will help you create this pretty braid. Just start a loose french braid at the crown of your head, tie it into a pony at the nape of your neck, and wrap hair around the elastic to cover it up. Easy peasy!

What look is your favorite?

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