10 Basic Items That Every Wardrobe Needs This Winter

Having basic items in your wardrobe makes life so much easier. With the right set of basics, you can assemble pretty much any outfit. Whether if it’s for work, school, date night, or a cozy day in, having basic pieces will ensure that you’ll always be stylish. Are you not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Today on the blog, we’ve covered all the bases and created a list of 10 basic items that every wardrobe needs. So, scroll through and see which basics you’ll love… p.s. it’s all of them!

01. Shackets

Image via @chloehayward__

02. Turtlenecks

Image via @emmachamberlain

03. Mini Uggs

Image via @amortizzy

04. A Statement Coat

Image via @the_real_lin_shady

05. Puffer Jacket

Image via @JujuHavens

06. Puffer Vest

Image via Pinterest

07. Fleece Jacket

Image via @fpmovement

08. Leather Pants

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09. A Pair Of Mom Jeans

Image via @madewell

10. Winter Booties

Image via @appleofedenshoes

Not only is our list of 10 basic items currently trendy pieces, but you are also able to style them as well. When using any of these basics, you can build an outfit, or even make a statement. It’s so much easier to have frequent put-together outfits when you have multiple basics in your wardrobe to pull from. Our tip? Spend your time, money and energy into finding pieces that you’ll use in your everyday life. Purchase these pieces in a variety of neutral colors that can go with any outfit. Once you have stocked up on the basics, you’ll find it easier to style an outfit that has a unique statement piece.