10 2021 Fashion Trends We Hope Stick Around In 2022

As the end of the year approaches, it’s always fun to look back and see what the highlights were. So many things happened. So many lessons were learned. However, most importantly, some fabulous outfits were worn. Today on the blog, we are taking a step back and looking at our favorite 2021 fashion trends…the ones we hope continue on into 2022.

01. Blazers

Image via @laurajadestone

02. Small Handbags

Image via @emmachamberlain

03. Knee-High Boots

Image via @jennapalek

04. Rectangle Sunglasses

Image via @hannnahhtaylor

05. Leather Pants

Image via @jujhavens

06. Leather Jackets

Image via @keneurich

07. Workout Sets

Image via @setactive

08. Head Scarves

Image via @cottoncandyla

09. Printed Jeans

Image via @shopcolorfulnatalie

10. Cowgirl Boots

Image via @thenexthappening

We know that fashion trends aren’t a forever thing, but these are our top ten favorite trends of 2021! Between the touches of leather, adorably printed jeans, cowgirl boots, blazers, rectangle sunglasses, and more; it’s hard to go wrong! The best part about these trends is that they are staple items that can be used for an assortment of things. Whether you are wanting to structure a whole outfit around one piece, or just use one of these trends to accessorize, you’ll be looking fabulous anywhere you go. So, as 2021 winds to a close, we are ready to see where these fashion trends take us in the new year!