Last-minute Gifts (from Amazon) for Every Person in Your Life

This year has been unexpected among many other things. Who would have thought this pandemic would last longer than, well, a couple of weeks? Here we are almost one year later prepping for a Christmas that will look totally different than any we have ever experienced. We are talking, families that haven’t seen each other since this started, last-minute gifts, and well everything in between. So please, let’s just all take a moment to acknowledge that if your Christmas shopping is behind you are still doing great, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way it’s time to get onto the good stuff – the gifts! We know just how difficult it can be to go to the mall for last-minute shopping (ahem – there’s also that pandemic we mentioned) so we thought why not bring the shopping to your couch? And, guess who saves the day again, drum roll, please… Amazon Prime! That’s right everything on this gift guide is available on amazon prime! So get out your eggnog because we are about to cross everyone off your list. While leaving you with enough time to get a little something for yourself, because well, you deserve it!

Photo by Monika Hibbs

Gifts for the Kid’s

.01 – Kids Wooden Scooter
Who else looks back at their childhood and remembers their mode of transportation choice? For us, it was a barbie razor scooter, or a pretend car. If the child in your life doesn’t have a scooter or maybe they need a new one then this is the perfect option!

.02 – Football Flick Mini Soccer Skills Trainer
We can almost guarantee every kid will take a swing (or kick for that matter) at soccer at least once, in their life. This mini Soccer Skills Trainer produced by Football Flick will help your emerging star set a solid foundation in their technique in addition to helping develop motor and coordination skills. Need we go on?

.03 – Wooden Building Blocks Set
You just can’t beat a set of classic building blocks. And we love them, even more, when they are aesthetically pleasing and easy to look at! This chic set from Amazon is perfect for the kid that is easily entertained, and the mom that appreciates neutral colors!

Gifts for the Spouse

.01 – 12 Bottle Wine Cooler
When we hear spouse we think of wine, but this wine cooler could be used for a variety of different drinks ranging from beer to soda, and so on. Though it is specifically designed for wine, so if your spouse does love a good drink or two then this is the ultimate last-minute Christmas gift for them!

.02 – Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera
There is nothing sweeter than a film camera, we don’t make the rules, but you can trust us on this one! This vintage-inspired Instax mini Instant Film Camera makes the perfect accessory for travel and capturing all your favorite memories.

.03 – Pour Over Drip Coffee Brewer
Name a person who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee, we will wait! Okay, we know that the whole world doesn’t necessarily love coffee but for those of us that do this is the perfect gift!

For Your Best Friend

.01 – Ray-Ban Metal Round Sunglasses
These sunnies have been on our list for over a year, and we will take that as a sign that if they are good enough for us, they are good enough for our bestie! Who’s with us?!

.02 – Homesick Scented Candle
Okay, do we really need to explain why a candle made the list for your bestie? We didn’t think so but just in case, you need an extra push this candle smells like heaven in a box! Well, actually all of the candles from the Homesick line are exactly what you didn’t know you needed this holiday season.

.03 – Edge Wine Glasses
These wine glasses are a no-brainer to elevate your wine drinking experience. Not only are they stunning but these are super durable. We may or may not already have two sets of them. ?

For Your Parents

.01 – Wooden Raised Elevated Garden Bed Kit
No matter how old or young your parents are we know that they probably all love food, and what is better than buying food than growing your own? This elevated garden bed is the sweetest gift that will keep on giving throughout the year!

.02 – Breadboard in Bamboo Wood
Ever heard the saying, Carbs are a man’s best friend? Okay, okay, confession time we made that up, but we cannot be the only ones that think it. This breadboard is the perfect gift for your parents if they love bread, and how could you not love bread?

.03 – Vitruvi Stone Diffuser
If you have not been introduced to diffusers yet, allow us to make a formal introduction… these things will change your life. Or the life of the people you are gifting it to! If you want to gift the feeling of being in a spa all year round then look no further! This is the gift of all gifts!


Did you find the Christmas gifts you were looking for? Let us know in the comments which item was your favorite!

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