A Sweet & Simple Thrifty Nursery

This sweet & simple thrifty nursery is nestled in the couple’s living room- yes, you read that right! But it isn’t lacking a thing. We give these parents props for making it work and dedicating what little space was available to their new baby girl, Beau. We think we can all learn a few things by the way they creatively decorated the space. They filled it with multi-purpose objects, thoughtful storage, and only what is necessary. By the looks of the nursery, and for her doting parents, Beau sure is lucky! Lisa, Beau’s mom shares more about the nursery below!

Does anyone else struggle with enough space for a new baby? I’ve never before been so envious for some square footage! Brian and I live in San Jose, CA. in a 740 square foot apartment. Yep, you heard me right. Our dinky little one bedroom is delightful, but small, small, small.

Because our space is so limited I had to be very strategic in what we bought for adding a little one to our lives. What you see here is the right side of our living room, now turned into Beau’s little nursery. Each item is meant to keep things as efficient and minimal as possible (easier said than done- babies need so much stuff!).

Not only were we working with a small corner of our home, but we also don’t have loads of spare change lying around, so keeping things affordable was important. The biggest piece we needed was of course, the crib – we found this one at Ikea. It’s easy on your wallet, can be turned into a toddler bed, and I personally liked the natural wood. Thankfully, we received the crib as a gift and we were so pleased upon putting it together. It is pure baby cuteness!

We also bought the ever so popular Ikea Utility Cart. It is easy to move it from room to room in case we have friends or family over.

The two drawer dresser is a thrifted find that I repainted. The color inspiration is from Paige Jones beautiful nursery. I took the original knobs off and added leather pulls from my talented friend, Annie’s Etsy Shop, Thirteen Eleven Olive.

The wooden lamp is another thrift store find, the Honeycomb wall shelf a gift from a friend, and I added my favorite wall hanging to usher in sleepy time. I also found a no-big-deal rocking chair on Amazon and it does the job, although it could be a little more comfortable.

Last but not least, I used a lot of baskets! I have numerous baskets all over the room to store baby items- socks, books, toys, blankies- you name it! Since Beau doesn’t have a closet or room for a chest, they work perfectly. These African baskets are my absolute favorite and they go towards a wonderful cause.

It’s a small and simple nursery, but it fits us just fine!

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