A Stellar Rocket Ship Space Birthday Party

If we told any 4 year old boy they were going on a space odyssey (even if it is just to a party themed after one), we think they would be over the moon. Let’s just say, Royale of But First, Party! set the bar high with this stellar rocket ship space birthday party for her very own little astronaut! It’s outta this world! Between lightning bolts, star glasses, jet packs and moon cookies, it’s every little boy’s dream – after all, 4 year old Stellan did come up with the concept all on his own!

Royale shares, The idea for Stellan’s space-themed birthday party was all his own. His bedroom has had some form of a space decor since it was a nursery, when it was, “I Love You to the Moon and Back.” (My baby shower was moon-themed.) So, I knew I had to do something out of this world for his fourth birthday!

A lot of paper party companies have been coming out with celestial partyware, but I wanted to do something a little bit different, something that didn’t involve a ton of dark blue. That’s when we decided to go Ziggy Stardust with the theme and rock the silver. How good are the Meri Meri rocket ship cups?! Also, with the Bowie tie-in, I could incorporate fun accents like Talking Tables silver tinsel, disco balls, and of course, the iconic lightning bolt. I wouldn’t let him hit the piñata, it is just too good!


The Dessert Pantry really knocked it out of the park with her treats. I am a huge fan of Alana Jones-Mann and really loved the rainbow cake she did for Kelly Mindel, of Studio DIY, for her son’s first birthday–also space themed. I asked Sharon to come up with something that was similar as far as texture but that reflected the blue and red lightning bolt. She also created the most magnificent cookies and half of the moons were actually disco balls.

For the favors, each child had fun with his/her own jetpack as well as astronaut ice cream and a space laser beam that squirt water. I also found a rocket ship bounce house, which was a huge hit. Last but not least, the tablecloths and playmat could even be colored on as could the cardboard spaceship, another fun activity for the little astronauts! You could say they had a BLAST!

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Billye Donya
Design, Planning
But First, Party!
Calligraphy, Invite
Meghann Miniello
Tiny Gala
Chairs, Dessert Table
Tablecloth, Placemat
Stowey Joey
Cake Stands
Paper Eskimo

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  1. Hi! what a great party!!!
    Do you know where I can find those jet packs? having no luck finding any.

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