All the Items on our Prep List for Baby #3

You might assume that after having 2 kids you’d have all the gear and product needed for a third… but the truth is, that 3rd baby changes everything! Instead of quiet mornings of coffee and cuddles on the couch with a newborn, you’re facing an entire day of endless multitasking in addition to all that newborn care. Our biggest tip? Invest in products that offer mobility, since chances are the moment you settle on the couch to feed baby, your toddler is going to need the potty. Or a snack. Or will choose that time to climb to the top of your entertainment center. Flexibility and mobility are the key to surviving the transition from 2 to 3. Take a look below at some of our tried and true lifesaving products on our prep list for baby #3!

Coterie Diapers and Wipes on our Prep List with Baby #3

After 4+ years of diaper changing and trying virtually every brand of diaper and wipe on the market we’ve found *the one*. First, they offer subscription services! Read: diapers show up at your front door when you need them. No more 10 pm emergency grocery runs because you didn’t realize you were almost out. Automating what you can is game-changing with baby #3! We also love these diapers because they do the research for you – they’re 3rd party to ensure harsh chemicals and irritants are never included.

They’re the most absorbent diaper we’ve ever used, so much so we can just use the same diaper for nighttime! And because they absorb so well it has helped cut down on diaper rash. Now for their wipes… they are the largest and most dense wipes on the market!! I mean, if that doesn’t make you want them do you even have kids?! We kid… but really, they are made of 99% water, fully compostable in a few weeks (vs. the years other wipes take), and are the first to be certified by our favorite clean-living resource the Environmental Working Group. And did we mention they deliver??

Ergobaby Carrier

Babywearing is life. Repeat, babywearing is life. If there’s ever a time to invest in a quality carrier, it’s now because chances are your new baby will spend almost all of your waking hours snuggled up close to you and keeping your hands free. We’ve tried a lot of carriers over the years, and have landed on our 2 favorites – Omni Breeze and Embrace. We love that the Omni is an all-in-one that can be adjusted from newborn to toddlerhood. Anyone who has experienced hours of babywearing also knows that having a carrier that breathes is key. Two bodies pressed against each other can get pretty sweaty, y’all!

It also offers forward-facing capability, which is absolutely key for when your newborn baby becomes a curious baby. We also love the Embrace by Ergo, which combines the coziness of a soft wrap with the simplicity and comfort of a structured carrier. When you need to get your baby close and cozy quickly (AKA: one of your toddlers needs you ASAP) this is what we reach for because it doesn’t require any wrapping or tying.

Veer Cruiser on our Prep List with Baby #3

By now you’ve made an investment in a stroller or double stroller, and thankfully most can last you through the years! But we have a new hack for you – a wagon! With older kids chances are you’ll be going on more adventures (picnics, pumpkin patches, beach days, etc) and bringing your newborn along for the ride. We love the versatility the wagon offers – it’s all-terrain with wheels that can handle sand and off-roading, it can be pushed or pulled, older kids can easily climb in and out on their own, and it comes with adaptors that you can easily plug your infant car seat into. Bonus: it weighs less than most double strollers! Perfect for hauling around a gaggle of kids.

Elvie Pump

If breastfeeding is in your mom-life plan, chances are so is pumping. We are SO excited that in between our 2nd and 3rd babes Elvie has come out with a hands-free pump! Anyone who has had to sit and pump knows how game-changing being hands-free and mobile during this tedious process is. Its quiet and sleek design means it fits right into your bra and can be worn while playing with your kids at the park, feeding your toddler dinner, working at your desk, making snacks/packing lunches and so on. It also comes with smart app capabilities so you can control and track everything from your phone.  And in even more exciting news, TODAY Elvie has launched the Elvie Stride pump available through insurance, making this magic gadget available to even more moms. 

Snuggle Me Lounger and Feeding Pillow

In case you haven’t noticed a theme here, we love products that are mobile and can move around with a baby. There will be times when you need to put the baby down, and having a portable lounger is key! Cart it from your toddlers’ room to the kitchen, even outside! This way your baby always has a cuddly place to lounge or work on tummy time. A feeding pillow is another essential and Snuggle Me is our fave! The narrow ends allow it to fit more comfortably while nursing, plus we can use this pillow for tummy time or sitting up support. All Snuggle Me products are made with organic fabric… not to mention are super chic!

Little Unicorn Diaper Bag Backpack on our Prep List with Baby #3

Friend, if you haven’t already made the switch to a backpack diaper bag, with baby #3 on the way – now is the time! We are so so so thankful stylish companies like The Little Unicorn have added backpacks to the repertoire! Trust us, when you’re at the park, the grocery store, the airport, etc and have a baby strapped to you plus two toddler hands to hold – you want all your baby necessities securely out of the way! This backpack was made for moms – two sizable compartments, lots of pockets, padded shoulder straps, the inside and outside are easy to wipe clean and all without sacrificing style.

Still on baby #2? Well, don’t worry we have rounded up all of our favorite items on our prep list with baby #2!