9 Must Have Products for Baby Number 2

When you have a baby, you accumulate A LOT of stuff. Especially for such a small person! So, if you’re anything like us, when it comes to having your 2nd baby, the whole goal is to only purchase things that are only absolutely necessary. And believe us, there are some products you do absolutely need when trying to juggle 2 little ones. From nap time, to errand running to the daily grind of motherhood – these are 9 must have products for baby number 2 we know will help you feel like you’re keeping things together.

1. Double Stroller

Trying to find a double stroller that can fit a toddler and newborn while not being extremely heavy is an almost impossible task. Luckily, Uppa provides this option with their Vista Stroller, which can also grow to fit your needs by carrying two toddlers… which is where you’ll be in just a short time! The Vista can be configured to fit bassinets, infant car seats, toddler seats and any combination of the 3 you need. Your needs will vary from outing to outing, so having a stroller that can adjust accordingly is game changing.

2. Cameras + Monitors

Chances are when you purchased or registered for a baby monitor you weren’t thinking about one day needing multiple cameras for multiple rooms. That’s why we love the MBP855 Connect – you can easily add cameras to your system and check on all your little ones using one monitor! The cameras also connect through wifi, and with their app you can check in using your smartphone or pad. This is especially handy if you’re not at home and want to make sure all is well, or if you’re traveling and you want one less thing to lug around!

3. Clothing

With our first baby, we rarely left the house the first few months after they were born. It was part fear and part having no desire to do anything but cuddle our newborns. However, things don’t slow down in quite the same way with #2. You’ll have double the appointments, errands, swim class, music class, and a toddler that needs to release some serious energy at the park. We found with #2 we needed more cozy clothes options (socks don’t always cut it when leaving the house!). Zutano booties are the best – they keep our newborns warm and actually stay on their feet! We also love Go Gently Nation clothing – it’s the perfect mix of comfort and sophistication that we love.

4. Diapers

After getting used to toddler potty patterns and then potty training, we forgot how many diapers a newborn goes through in a day! It’s important to stock up ahead of time so you are fully prepared! One of our favorite baby brands, Aden and Anais (most known for the softest swaddled!). These didn’t exist with our first baby and to say we’re obsessed is our understatement. They are our new go to for all diaper needs!

5. Babywearing

Babywearing will be your saving grace when trying to chase down your toddler while keeping an eye on your sleeping newborn. The Solly is our go-to wrap for newborns – they are the softest, coziest and most comfortable wrap for both mom and baby. And if your first kid happens to be a girl like ours, we highly suggest getting the Solly Dolly so your toddler can be just like mom. This was actually a big help in transitioning our kids into the role of big sister!

6. Sleeping

One of the hardest transitions from 1 to 2 was dealing with the night time sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn, and the day-time energy that comes with a toddler. With baby #1 you could at least nap while the baby napped! But all of that changes with #2. One thing that really helped us through this tough transition (besides our husbands!) was the DockATot. It was a co-sleeping alternative that gave us peace of mind, and the convenience of having our babies close by for all those night wakings. It can also be used for tummy time, play time (you can add on an arch and toy set!) and is a wonderful option for traveling. Oh, and if you’re looking for help to transition your toddler out of their crib and into a bed, their Grand model is a great solution!

Our other saving grace has been the Ollie Swaddle. Known as the Smart Swaddle, we love how this product takes the guesswork and stress out of properly swaddling your baby. As you probably experienced with your first baby, a broken swaddle in the middle of the night typically results in both an awakened baby and mom! It has an opening at the bottom for easy diaper changes (genius) and is made from a moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating.

Must Have Products for Baby Number 2

7. Play Gym

You’ll soon find that anything that is meant for your newborn, your toddler will have a sudden desire to have it – especially with toys! When it came to a play gym for baby #2 we wanted something that would help our newborn explore new sights, sounds and feels but also something that would hold the attention of our toddler. Having both kids entertained at the same time is the holy grail! So, when we came across the Lovevery Baby play gym, we knew it was a must. It’s larger than most play gyms so it can easily accommodate both kiddos and is made using sustainable wood instead of plastic – so, it will sustain the wear and tear of toddlers and babies. Our favorite thing about it though is they have designed the mat based on research about what best stimulates babies at different stages during the first year of their lives. With all different activities and accessories, there are plenty of opportunities for your toddler to play and engage with their younger sibling!

8. Washable Rug

A few months ago we came across Lorena Canal Rugs and bookmarked it as an absolute must-have for 2 kids! These rugs are handmade with natural dyes (yes please) and are machine washable. Yes, you read that correctly. They fit into a standard washing machine and dryer. Which means between newborn spit up and toddler spills you can keep your rugs beautiful and clean without having to enlist the help of a professional.

9. Shopping Cart Hammock

While you’ll probably lie low at home the first few weeks after welcoming a new baby, your errands and shopping trips will soon pick back up. Having gotten used to being able to sit toddler in the shopping cart seat, we were at a bit of a loss on where to put our newborn. The car seat takes up half the shopping card (not practical), and while baby wearing is great it’s not always the easiest/best when trying to reach over something for your item, or when putting heavy or awkwardly shaped items in your cart. We were recommended to try the Binxy Baby which has been a great solution. It holds up to 50 pounds, so you can either put your baby in by themselves or put the entire carseat in while having room below to put your items. It’s been safety tested so your little ones are secure and fits most standard shopping carts!

We hope these products help ease you into your transition as a parent of 2!

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  1. This is perfect timing because I have been making my list for baby #2! I’ve heard great things about the Ollie swaddle and the Uppa Stroller but we nervous on the price… is the Uppa easy to swap out the seats? The play gym looks cool too!

  2. Wait, so if your first kid isn’t a girl, they should have a dolly and a wrap of their own? That’s some gendered bullshit.

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