This Porch-trait Maternity Shoot Embraces Joy in Uncertainty

The coronavirus has affected so many people, in so many different ways. It feels like every day we hear another story about plans being canceled or postponed, and a common thread throughout these difficult situations is negativity. We like to choose to look for the bright side of a situation. Today on the blog we are sharing a story that does just that and will be sure to lift your spirits. We have had the pleasure of sharing some of Whitney’s most special moments on the blog, from her firstborns baby shower to her first birthday. When Whitney shared the news with us that she has a porch-trait maternity shoot for her 2nd baby on the way to share with us that embraces joy in uncertainty, we knew we had to share with you all. This story not only focuses on the most important element of life, which is love, it also happens to feature her whole adorable family as they prepare for their new precious addition, in this sweet porch-trait maternity shoot!

From the mama, Whitney:

I’m thrilled to share this maternity shoot with the IBT readers in hopes that moms everywhere who are pregnant during this pandemic can keep their heads held up high and not have to forgo these super special memorable moments. Once we found out we were pregnant with our second child, my mind went into full-blown planning mode – how to decorate the newest little bundle’s nursery, my birth plan, lists upon lists of names, and, of course, working on a beautiful maternity shoot to capture this wonderful time in our lives! I knew this would be the last time we were professionally photographed as a family of 3 – and I wanted to savor every moment with my firstborn being an only child – and making her feel like a special big sister to be.

I had reached out to the photographer who did my initial maternity shoot and got to work dreaming up the mood and vision boards for the styled shoot – what outfits to wear, how we’d coordinate, and where the shoot would take place. We were set to take these photos at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and even had purchased a photography permit for the Spring. Oh, how the flowers and plants would be so beautiful and in full bloom! Then, the horrific Covid-19 pandemic hit.

My husband, almost 3-year-old daughter Sienna Isla and my pregnant self fled our New York City apartment and left to S. Florida, where we’d quarantine for 2 weeks and then move in with my in-laws. We started Zoom homeschooling, braved the horrid Florida heat while my pregnant belly grew, and started seeing new doctors, unsure as to where we would deliver this new bundle of joy – uprooting all of the plans for baby #2 that we had once put in place. I longed to take the maternity photos that I had worked so hard to plan – but knew that we would have to socially distance from the photographer – if it was even safe to so do – and I had to get to work quick finding someone to take these pictures (thank goodness these “porch-trait” sessions were all the rage and I was able to find the magical Oona, owner of Isla Charm Photographer), who would be able to capture not only my vision for the photos but my now burgeoning belly that was growing by the minute.

I had tons of special items ordered for these photos – bespoke flowers (the small business stopped operating from when I first contacted them to the shoot), a dream catcher, poufs, pillows, and blankets – all of which were delayed due to COVID and didn’t make it on time (including my husband’s outfits – since he didn’t pack anything but athletic wear when we left NYC). At the end of the day, it wasn’t these little things that mattered, but the love shared between our growing family – that we’ll treasure forever. Big sister Sienna was certainly the center of attention and now that her brother Slade Hudson has arrived, she’s the best big sister ever! 


Did you love this sweet Porch-trait Maternity Shoot story just as much as we did? Let us know in the comments how you are choosing joy today!

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