Paddleboarding Maternity Session from Amelia Lyon

This beautiful family decided to have some fun with a maternity session leading up to the birth of their son, Thor (how cute is that?!). Amelia Lyon Photography captured all the cute moments as Jill, Kenny, and their daughters Lola and Jade took a casual paddle board ride and played on the beach. The harbor created not only a natural and fun setting but a pretty one too, perfect for a family maternity shoot! We’re sure they’ll cherish both the photos and the memories of this day!

From Jill…

I’m typing this while cuddling my now three-month-old son, Thor.  Even after three kids, I still marvel at how quickly time flies. I’m so happy Amelia was able to document all three of my pregnancies as these images serve as an invaluable record and reminder of that special time.

With this being our third (and last) pregnancy, my husband and I had a few objectives for this shoot. First, we wanted to include our two daughters. Second, we wanted the session to be relatively easy and low key and reflective of our real life. (Or rather a prettier, slightly more stylized version of real life.  You get it, right?). Finally, we wanted the photos to somehow closeout this phase of our family building. We decided to shoot at a nearby beach and replicate this photo we took when we were expecting our first child.

Comparing the photos showcases how our family has grown in these four short years and sort of bookends these maternity sessions. Balancing four people on paddleboard was quite the undertaking and, while no one fell off, we were all pretty wet and cold afterward! The girls were (mostly) good sports and the resulting photo and fun memory was worth it! Also worth noting was how excited I was to find a few beautiful kimonos to wear over my swimsuit that complemented the whole beach theme of the shoot while still allowing me to cover up a bit. Ha! 😉

When the rest of the family got too cold, Amelia and I set out alone to get some moody solo portraits. We climbed out onto the jetty at the Wedge and thanked our lucky stars that the weather cooperated. An early fog was just rolling in and made for the dreamiest photos. I loved how the breeze filled out my kaftan dress (a custom-made gift from Patrick Winget of LuLaRoe) and gave the whole look this round, billowy, almost ethereal vibe.  It’s no secret to anyone that pregnancy is not exactly pleasant and hardly glamorous, but it is still a beautiful thing and Amelia always manages to get shots that showcase that beauty and highlight the best part of a pregnancy. I know when I look at her work I’ll remember the excited, nervous anticipation as well as the gratitude and love I felt for my partner and children and humanity in general. I’ll remember feeling strong, empowered, and even beautiful. I’ll remember the humbling joy of getting to experience one of life’s greatest miracles and getting to share that time with my little family. I’ll cherish these images! Thanks for letting me share!

Paddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity Session Paddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity Session Paddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity SessionPaddleboarding Maternity Session

Photos: Amelia Lyon Photography
Location: Newport Beach Harbor and The Wedge, Newport Beach
On Kenny: Shirt by Hurley, Trunks by Ambsn
On Lola: Old Navy tankini
On Jade: Old Navy one piece
On Jill: Black Kimono by Kimchi Blue (similar); Floral Kimono by Cotton On (similar); swimsuit by Deliah’s (similar), Kaftan by LuLaRoe custom piece.





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  1. Such a cute family! I love that they did the same beach setup as the first photo shoot!

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