Old McDonald Had A Farm Birthday Party

Jackie at Wild One Events planned the cutest second birthday bash around the most fitting theme for her son. Little Easton Donald had an ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm’ birthday party – how perfect is that?! A big red barn, hay bales, and a grazing station sell the theme. The kiddos could play with tractors, snack on ‘fish bond’ or ‘tractor tire’ snacks (AKA goldfish & fruit loops), and ride a bouncy cow. Yep, this mama thought of everything. Thanks to her, a farm party is our new favorite theme and you’ll easily be able to tell why…

Jackie says, My son’s middle name is Donald, and for the last two years I have listened to my husband sing him, “Easton Donald had a Farm” to the tune of “Old McDonald had a Farm” over and over again. Little did my husband know that with each rendition of the song I slowly developed my theme for his second birthday party.

I decided to rent a ramada at a local park because it was in the shape of a red barn, and that would obviously make the perfect setting for a farm-themed party! Since he was turning two and is currently into everything, I wanted to have some activities to entertain him and his friends (read: keep busy). He loves playing with the old tractors that were my husband’s when he was a kid, and the bouncing cows and water table are currently a big hit in our home, so I had to incorporate them somehow.

The treat bags were also a fun element to put together. They contained rubber duckies, cow tail candy, and a set of crayons in the shape of tractors. Overall I tried to emphasize the fun details that brought the subtle farm theme to life without going overboard on cost or expensive elements.

I planned out a toddler-friendly grazing station so the kids had something to snack on, it was a huge hit by the end of the party. The little hay bales along the grazing station were found on a recent trip to the dollar store. When I saw them I knew I had to incorporate them somehow! The labels Freed Hands made for them turned out perfectly. I ended up going simple with the dessert, just the plain white cake and cupcakes from our local Target bakery, but I spruced them up with some DIY candles and cupcake toppers that read “E-I-E-I-O” over and over.

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