New Moms Need to Know About This App

It’s no secret that moms of infants and toddlers need diapers – and lots and lots of them! But the list of things you need as a new mom and things your baby needs doesn’t stop there. Between feeding, sleeping, decorating the nursery, and even just traveling to and fro, the essentials are endless. With all the shopping we do as moms, why not make the most of what we’re spending and earn rewards?! That’s why we love Pampers Rewards and why all new moms need to know about this app. Yep, it’s an application for your phone so that earning rewards is always right at your fingertips.

Not only is the rewards app easily accessible but also easily useable (and therefore easy to rack up the points!). Just for downloading and signing up or registering, you receive 100 points! Yes, 100 points, even if you were already a member but are just getting around to downloading the new app! So, downloading and signing up is a no-brainer – but how do you earn points? Also – easy! On every Pampers diapers bag, pants box, and wipes tub and refill packs, is a Pampers Rewards sticker. Simply snap a photo on your phone camera of the code and voilá, points roll into your account. Note that there are still some wipes codes that need to be entered manually, but you are still earning points! In addition to the 100 points on sign up, you will receive an additional 50 bonus points when you scan your first code!

Now that you have the points, you can put them to use on plenty of products you’ll love (and can use!), gain coupon codes, enter sweepstakes, and even make charitable donations. Here are a few of our favorite options from the rewards catalog:

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s ABC

2. Hello Fresh $30 Off First Order

3. Magnetic Boats for the Tub

4. Shutterfly Large Print

5. Pampers Swaddlers

6. Melissa and Dough Happy Giddy Tunnel

In addition to all these great rewards, the Pampers Rewards App keeps you up to date with the latest offers and discounts. This way, you are always getting the best deal on products you love. So download the app and start storing up points and saving on purchases – it’s a no brainer! With a quick scan of these codes on products you’re already buying, you’re on your way to big savings.


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  1. As a mom with a newborn I don’t know how I didn’t know about this…. I buy so many diapers! I hope they have it for iPhone too!

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