Meaningful Moana-Themed First Birthday Celebration

Like the Disney movie, Moana says, “Sometimes our strengths lie beneath the surface.” At first glance, this Moana-themed first birthday merely looks like a miraculous experience for a young child. It was so much more than that! Kham Meas Munoz of Hello Pretty Events planned this party for the daughter of her best friend who passed away. With that in mind, each detail becomes even more powerful than before. The addition of Te Fiti from the movie was meant to represent the daughter’s mother being with them that very day. It becomes even more than a Moana-themed first birthday party, but also a celebration of the loved ones around them.

In order to fully appreciate this Moana-themed first birthday, Kham Meas Munoz of Hello Pretty Events explains it as she wished to explain it to her best friend,

Dear Tina,

Your daughter turned 1 on this day. Although there was this unspoken sadness leading up to this day, we were also very excited for Davina! She was surrounded by close family and friends. David choose a Moana theme Birthday because Davina really likes the movie! I am so glad he did because she made the cutest BABY MOANA! 

We had Hawaiian food, shaved ice, boba tea, lots of fun games, a baby roller coaster, and even a real Moana came and sang for us! We even got to celebrate David’s birthday too! Moana did a princess ceremony for him! Watching him with Davina reminds me of how focused, attentive, gentle, and loving he was with you. 

Davina did her smash cake right under a Te Fiti that was suppose to represent you. Te Fiti had ruscus leaves and vines that represent your beautiful curly hair, and big beautiful eyes like yours. She looked down on Davina as she ate her smash cake. You would have loved this moment. Davina knew the assignment! She went into town and got cake everywhere! David and Elaine had to give her a bath right after because she was covered with cake! 

Tina, you would have had so much fun this day. We all miss you so much, and we love you so much. 

Celebrating loved ones is a special time for everyone involved. The amazing theme makes it even more special! Looking for even more inspiration for your child’s next birthday celebration? Check out this Vibrant Coachella First Birthday Party!

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