Magical Birthday Party Full of Unicorns

When Alexis, the creative genius behind The Shift Creative, says she kept it more low-key this year than previous years (remember when she turned two?!) for her daughter’s birthday bash, we have to giggle! The magical birthday party full of unicorns, giant macrame, and DIY iridescent flower planters is more than most of us can dream of! Doesn’t it look like fun?! That’s Alexis’ main goal when it comes to the celebrations she creates – that they’re fun! – and totally out of the ordinary, of course! We’re sure her daughter’s fab fourth will inspire you in plenty of ways…

Every year I tell myself and my husband that I will not go all out for our daughter’s birthday. I guess since I design and style for a living, I just can’t help it! I start small and it just takes on a life of its own!

This year, I went with a “magical” theme combined with a little bit of a 90’s flare. Instead of the typical unicorn party, I incorporated varying elements like a patch inspired cake, ombré cookies with fun phrases like “I can’t even,” “Rad,” and “Sophie Girl” among others, and a huge weaving for a fun photo op! When it came to florals I decided to go with a quirky color palette. I used translucent film and created a base for the florals in hues of purple, blue, pink, and amber. The floral install really made an impact and, dare I say, created more magic! If you can believe it, this was way more low-key than previous years, but it is one of my favorite parties! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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