Kids Valentine Cards

Whether you’ve waited until the last minute to make your kids Valentine cards or you’re storing up ideas for next year already (go you!), we’ve rounded up our favorites from around the web!  We all love a good pun so Valentine cards are right up our alley!  Any excuse to craft, eat sweets, and make some corny jokes is okay with us!

All of these Valentine cards use materials that most of you will have around the house and if not should be relatively inexpensive to make.  Let’s be honest, until your kid is about 5 or 6 (or 9 or 10 for some of you…) you’re the mastermind behind the millions of Valentine cards they have to make for their class, friends, teachers, coaches, stuffed animals, and strangers on the street (kids are the most generous, aren’t they!?).  Lucky for you, this means you get to use your creative juices and blow everyone’s minds with a simple little pun on a piece of paper with a little treat to match…simple, right!?  Just in case that sounds like the most impossible thing in the world (we see you non-DIY, store bought lovers), we’ve made it easy for you to click and re-create.  Some of these even have free printables…No creative juices necessary!

I Wheelie Like You via Taylor Made

I’m Wild For You via Design Mom

You Rule Valentine via Relocated Living

You’re All Write via She Wears Many Hats

You Light Up My Life via Eighteen 25

Valentine Fruit via Craftaholics Anonymous

Love Bug Valentine via Dandee Designs

You Make My Heart Glow via Kommunicated

You Are One In a Minion via The Benson Street

Bubble Valentine via Armelle Blog

Love You a Latte via Tom Kat Studio

Friendship Bracelet Valentines via Dandee Designs

Noodle Necklace via The Alison Show

Animal Valentine Envelopes via Minted

Which one is your fave!?  Have some time today to make one with your little before they head off to soccer practice?  Let us know!  Instagram a photo, tag us, and hashtag #IBTdiy!  We want to see your works of art!

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!  We love all of you xo

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