Guide to Planning a Virtual Baby Shower

Planning any party can be stressful. Navigating all of the moving logistics is no small task, and when you add in pregnancy brain all bets are off the table. So if you are planning a baby shower for yourself, or for someone you love then we have the guide for you! With the world still navigating in person events, we have decided to enlist the help from one of our favorite food bloggers, Amanda Wilens to help list out a guide to planning a virtual baby shower. These tips Amanda has put together quite the thorow guide for you all to assist in your planning process. Scroll on to read all of her tips!

Make a Budget

The first step with party planning is to figure out your budget and also who will be paying for it. Think about each element for the event: personalized boxes, shipping, and special gifts for the parents to be.   

Make the Guest List

Talk to the parents to be about how many people, get their mailing addresses, and email addresses. This can affect your budget, so you might need to alter the items for each person to make it work. 

Find a Date and Time

Find a date that works for the parents to be and their most important loved ones to have on the video call. And how long the call should be 1-2 hours should be enough time. 

Make and Send Invitations

Invitations for events should be sent 6-8 weeks in advance. You can go earlier, but 6 weeks should be the latest you send out invites, then make sure you send out reminders closer to the event date. Since this event is online, I suggest going virtual for the invitations as well. A site like Evite is great because you can customize it, add in details like a registry, and even has a system for video calls now. 

Pick a Theme

Everyone loves to come up with a theme that ties all your pieces together. It also really makes your baskets look 10 times better having them color and/or theme coordinating. With this lemon theme, it was to make it nice to be gender-neutral. Such a fun theme and perfect for so many seasons.

Schedule Special Items for the Parents to Be

It’s nice to be able to send something special specifically for them to make the day even better. Find local businesses that are able to make and deliver an on-theme small cake and a flower arrangement.

Purchase and Assemble Baskets

Come up with a few pieces that you can fit into your budget and theme that will be safe for shipping and hold up until the date of the event. A few fun things included:
Eco-friendly shipping stuffing from Etsy.
Fun digital pages and games with the lemon theme also from Etsy. 
Buttons for “mama to be”, “grandma to be”, etc. from Etsy. 
Super cute “Oh Baby” cocktail stirrers from Creative Amme are just perfect. 
Printout of the recipe for the Lemon Mocktail recipe.
Custom lemon-themed cookies from The Cookie Meister in Orange County.
Custom candles from Terra

Shipping the Baskets

You want to time this out so the boxes get there a few days before the event. You will need to think about shipping, boxes, tape, etc. And plan out some time to assemble baskets, package the boxes, and ship. 

Make an Agenda

Keep a loose agenda for the video call and check in with the parents to be to see what they would like to do and what not like to do. You can do a few of the printable games, open gifts, and chat.

For more details, and resources like this virtual baby shower check out the information below!

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