My Girl’s Pink Pom Pom Bedroom

On Tuesday I shared my son’s wild & cool modern outdoorsy playroom and bedroom – right across the hall I decided to go in the total opposite direction to create a bright pink pom pom bedroom for my daughter. Since both kids used to share a room, the color palette and theme was neutral and had very muted tones. As my 4 year old’s personality is developing I see a side to her that wants hot pink, pom poms, and anything with ballerinas and princesses. And what’s more girly than a room filled with metallic hearts, ballerina dolls, and a varying shades of of pink?! To bring the vision to life I used the Target Pillowfort Collection and enlisted the help of designer Natalie Warady.

Below, you’ll see 2 prints on the wall above her bed from which the color palette began (this bed from Target is my absolute favorite and it’s a Full so she can grow with it as she gets older). I wanted to have custom prints from friends and family incorporated into the room. So, the top pink peony image is from one of my best friends, who’s a floral designer, and the sunset photo below that is from one of the talented team members at my office. Having something from them reminds me of Southern California. Plus, it’s extra special to have them be a part of this room in our home.

When it came to styling my kids’ rooms, I knew I wanted to partner with Target. Everything in their Pillowfort and Cloud Island collections (which will be shown in my nursery next week) are kid friendly, affordable, durable, and so FUN. Please see these gold metallic heart sheets (I had to have them!), the heart marquee, explore pillow, rainbow pom pom pillow, and ballerina doll. Don’t overlook the mint green touch lampombre pink storage bins and that pink comforter (which is so soft and cozy). I am still overly excited about this part of the room!!


I spy some Oh Joy! for Target – that party zebra is the best!

The ballerina swan hanging above the fireplace is one of the pieces I told Natalie that we had to have. She agreed and then showed me the tassel curtains. Needless to say, I also had to have those as well! This is when I knew we would get along very well 🙂

Also… can we talk about how she helped me create this DIY display board to cover the fireplace, showcasing my daughter’s artwork from preschool, and displaying her favorite baby and family photos? Nat, you’re a genius. My kids love coming in this room and asking me to put up new pictures, ribbon, and random art that they scribble that day. It makes me so happy to see how this space brings such personality and life to the room.


This potted plant is not real, but doesn’t it look so good? The mint green bean bag chair is my favorite! It’s still available, but not for long! Please scour every Target to find it if it’s not still available online when you go to buy. You’ll love it!


I can’t explain how much I love this particular part of my daughter’s bedroom. Every single item  you see here I got at Target. It’s unbelievable!! The desk is so perfect for playtime, crafting, coloring, and in a few years… homework too. I love the mint green house that stores her knick knacks like washi tape, her alarm clock, and Polaroid camera. The “Let’s Be Mermaids” sign lights up and is so fun!

This room is what pink pom pom and tassel dreams are made of!! Thank you again Target for helping me bring my ideas and inspirations to life with your amazing Pillowfort and Cloud Island collections.



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