Floral First Birthday Party Fit for Foodies

Yes, you read that right, this floral first birthday party on our baby blog today is a fete fit for foodies! From a decked out dessert bar (cake, cream puffs, cake pops) to a gourmet fruit dipping station and waffle bar, it’s bound to give you plenty of party food ideas (and make you hungry!). In addition to serving great food, the light, bright, and beautiful birthday bash is feminine and sentimental. From the floral photo wall to the birthday girl’s decked out high chair, you will see what we mean.

Naseem Events came up with the concept for her friend’s daughter’s first birthday and we love how it turned out! She says, As a wedding planner, sometimes it’s fun for me to shift gears and step away from weddings to put on a different creative hat. When one of my best friends, Yasmin – of Yasmin Roohi Photo – told me she was starting to plan her daughter’s first birthday and wanted me to jump on board in helping her, I was ecstatic. Together, we dreamed up a very modern take on a girly birthday theme and called this party “Sophie’s Floral First.”

I personally am obsessed with Rifle Paper (obsessed might be putting it too lightly). And I really wanted to incorporate elements of their unique aesthetic into the event. However, I didn’t want too much color all at once. I loved having a clean palate to work with; white walls and that gorgeous farm table. My goal was to do something that isn’t overdone, since these days a lot of themes are recycled.

Yasmin, myself, and Keegan of Petal Atelier came up with the idea of building the photo wall. This was a true labor of love and made it that much more special on Sophie’s big day. Keegan and I styled the photo frame with different floral vases dangling from the top dispersed between photo prints of Sophie from when she was born all through the first year of her life. 

Our guests enjoyed a full buffet brunch spread thanks to cafe primavera. Upon arrival, they were greeted with little milk jars adorned with beautiful straws from More Sprinkled Joy. I live for tiny details so the floral ice cubes and floral garland on the balloon were my two favorite elements. They added so much in bringing the floral theme to life in a very modern way.

Another one of my favorite parts of the party was the fruit dipping station. Funny enough, I got the idea from Bon Apetit article while getting my nails done over a year ago. I always kept a screenshot of the article with me and we decided to incorporate it for Sophie’s birthday. Sophie’s aunt Elmira prepared all our dips which included: cardamom creme fraiche and demerara, orange mascarpone and pistachios, and a lemon cream with lavender sugar. Yum.

Finally, the whole party came together thanks to Nicole at Plan My Wedding Please. She did all the dreamy calligraphy art and signage!


There are plenty more kids birthday parties where this came from! Plus, if you’re looking for party tricks to help you plan check out how to throw the perfect first birthday.

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