17 Creative Ways to Announce You’re Pregnant

So, you just found out you’re pregnant *tears of joy running down your face*. What’s next?… Obviously, you want to tell all your tribe the big news. But news like this deserves a BIG announcement, and you have more important things to worry about. Girl, rest easy because we have done all the research for you. Here are our favorite creative ways to announce you’re pregnant. So make yourself a (virgin) margarita, sit down, and relax as you scroll this list because, after all, you are doing the hardest job there is!

1. Confetti

Creative Ways to Announce You're Pregnant
Photo via Truly Destiny

2. The Sonogram Photo

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3. With Baby Books

Photo by Christine Choi Photography

4. Paint in Numbers

5. “Big Sister” Ingredients

6. With A Letter Board

Creative Ways to Announce You're Pregnant
Photo via Britt Havens

7. Baby Balloons

Photo via It’s A Sparkly Life

8. Calendar Announcement

9. Wine Gift Labels

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10. Beach Hat Announcement

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11. Darling Mother’s Stomach & Announcement Card

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12. Baby Bassinets

13. “Ice Ice Baby” 

14. With Donuts

15. With Cake

Photo by A.J. Dunlap, featured here

16. A Wood Sign

Photo via Krieger Customs

17. With the Whole Family

Photo via Luxe Mama Blog

Do you have a favorite?! 

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