These Best Friends Had A Joint Maternity Shoot

So, you and your bestie are pregnant at the same time- how fun!!! These beautiful ladies are in the same boat, and to celebrate, the best friends had a joint maternity shoot! Dana Laymon captured this special time in their lives in a white brick warehouse where their bumps could truly shine. And it looks like so much fun! We mean, they essentially got to play dress up in gorgeous dresses, dance around a wide open space, and do so together! All the while celebrating the next generation of besties on the way. Below, mama, Meghan Malfatti, shares more about these maternity photos and how being pregnant alongside her friend, Kristin, has been.

How did you and Kristin meet?

Kristin and I met our freshmen year of college. Both of our ex-boyfriends were friends so we ended up hanging out a lot, even more so with each other than with our boyfriends. We even started going on girls night out dates together. I remember things like going to the Little Dipper for ladies night cheese and chocolate specials, and watching Project Runway episodes together! Our college boyfriends didn’t last, but we like to think they happened just so we could meet each other!

What makes you such good friends?

This is such a hard question for me. Its almost like asking me, how did I know my husband was the one. It’s just a feeling of ‘this is right’. It’s a love and a bond that you can’t explain. She’s my sister from another mister, my partner in crime, boat babe for life, and most importantly she’s someone I know I can always count on to come save me if I was stranded somewhere in the middle of the night. She’s got my back and vise-versa!

When are you both due?

My due date was January 13, but I went into labor a week early and gave birth on January 7th to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, Auguste Alba. Kristin is due March 10, so we’ve only got a few weeks to go before we’re both holding our new babies together.

How has it been being pregnant together?

Kristin and I have been through so much together. We went to college together, lived together, got engaged at the same time, and were also in each others weddings! Being pregnant together is just the icing on the cake. We’re so blessed to be sharing another amazing experience together.

Being pregnant is so exciting and scary at the same time, so having my bestie to turn to when I needed someone to vent to about all of the crazy changes I was experiencing was such a relief. It was also such a relief when I found out she was pregnant with me, because I got to be excited about it with her! Getting pregnant was not easy for either of us. We both tried for about 2 years and were in the early stages of seeking help for our fertility struggles. I was even about to get IVF when I surprisingly got pregnant that month. Then Kristin surprised us with great news, when just a couple of months later, she told us she was expecting as well!

What gave you the idea to do a maternity shoot together?

Who wouldn’t want to share a maternity shoot with your best friend?! I had already done a maternity shoot with my husband, but I definitely wanted to document this once in a lifetime moment for me and my bestie as well! We also both know and love Dana! She is the go-to maternity photographer in Wilmington and she did not disappoint! We had such a great time with her. She made us feel so comfortable and beautiful and was so helpful in giving us great direction on how we should pose.

Where did your inspiration come from as far as the style of it?

I am an interior designer with a beachy bohemian style that naturally translates from my designs to my wardrobe. My go-to style is always a good clean white background, bohemian textiles, natural lighting, and of course plants! The combination of the neon fox studio, tusc boutique wardrobe, and Dana’s bright photography created the perfect combo to achieve the look we were going for.

What was your favorite part about the shoot?

Spending the day getting glamed up with my bestie was by far the best part of it all. Thanks to Set Blowout Bar, Michal Lauren MUA, and Dana Laymon for making us look and feel beautiful.

Why do you recommend others to do a shoot together?

If you and your friend are lucky enough to get pregnant together, I would definitely recommend documenting the special moment. It all goes by way too quickly and the next thing you know you’re life is turned upside down and your baby takes priority over everything else, so make sure to take some time out to enjoy the special moments together. We’re so glad we will have these photos to cherish and share with our girls as they get older.

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