Beach Bat Mitzvah

Never has a beachy theme been done so elegantly (or more fun) than for this beach Bat Mitzvah! Natasha, or Tashi, had a birthday party complete with lots of food and drinks, plenty of space to lounge around or play, a phone case decorating station, a dance party, and a killer ocean view. And that’s just the least of it! Planned by an incredible team of vendors with Tashi’s vision at the helm, this Bat Mitzvah left nothing out. From the Evian bottles to the beach chair escort cards everything was set for a day in the sunshine to celebrate the birthday girl (who even wore a mermaid-esque acqua dress!). Jeni Maus of Found Rentals worked with Tashi to make her dream a reality and managed to make the extravagant affair feel laid back and fun! Here’s how:
After meeting with Tashi the first time, it was clear that she wanted a very beachy cottage feel. She didn’t want it to look like you couldn’t sit down on the couches, or the kids couldn’t run around being kids. She wanted all of her friends to be comfortable and have fun. She loves teal and blue, so I just ran with those colors and designed everything “beachy” around that!  Tashi is super relaxed and really just wanted her party to be relaxed and enjoyable for all of her guests. We wanted the cocktail hour (outdoor area) to feel sort of like a beach boardwalk, with a few games, and lemonade stands, cabana beds, and a tiki hut where the place cards were put. We also brought the outdoor cabanas, inside, and a ton of pillows and poofs and couches for the kids to eat on. We decided not to have them at dining tables, but instead just sitting throughout the various lounge vignettes. We constructed her photo booth to look like the inside of a beach cottage, where her friends could just fit on a couch, and take a picture together.
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Photography: Studio EMP
Planner: Jeannie Savage, Details Details
Event Design: Jeni Maus of Found Rentals
Floral Design: Art With Nature
Vintage Furniture and Props: Found Rentals
Tabletop Rentals: Casa de Perrin
Lighting: Shine Lighting

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