Bath Time Essentials for Babies & Toddlers

If you’re well prepared, bath time with the kiddos can be easy, fun and productive! We’re sharing our go-to bath time essentials, a lot of which we discovered at the ABC Kids Expo this year! There’s everything from toys to soaps and miscellaneous items you never knew you needed but now can’t live without.

Our Toddler’s Favorite Toys

We all know the only reason our toddlers agree to getting in the tub is because of the toy selection. And there are some good ones out there!! Here are our must haves for keeping our kiddos happy and entertained while we keep them clean –

Yookidoo turns your boring home bath into a water park complete with fountains and hoses. Trust us, your kiddo will be well entertained. In fact, your biggest struggle may be getting them OUT of the tub.

Boon is another go to shop for toys. They have some of the most innovative toys that are even fun for the adults to play with! Our absolute favorites are the CHOMP, TONES, COGS, PIPES and JELLIES.

The Good Duck – every kid needs a rubber ducky for their bath tub. We love the Good Duck the best because it’s made in the USA, non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals you don’t want floating around your tub.

Skip Hop not only has a great selection of toys, but also has practical bath essentials. We love the  whale spout, designed to keep your kiddos from hitting their head on the bath spout. The tub toy organizer gives you a way to store all the above mentioned toys.

Our Favorite Soaps

While our kiddos are playing, we know the parents are doing their best to scrub off the dirt and germs for the day. While we’ve rounded up some of our favorite non-toxic baby products in the past, this is just a quick reminder on 2 of our favorite brands –

Yorba Organics has a whole range of baby/kid products, but we love their shampoo and body wash for kids and babies. One of their key ingredients is Marfura oil, which is great for moisturizing and nourishing skin.

Babyganics is one of our go to’s for all persona care needs for our kiddos. Their products are made with plant-based ingredients and certified organic ingredients. “Clean” ingredients that clean our kids – we call that a win.

Our Favorite Tubs For All Stages

4moms Infant Tub is a game changer for those of you with newborns. It has a built in thermometer to monitor your water temperature and inlets that help dirty water flow out and clean water flow in. It’s designed to fit perfectly in your kitchen sink.

Munchkin Duck: When our babies were sitting up on their own, we transitioned them into this duck bath, which fits right in your bathtub. Being smaller than a tub, it gave us the peace of mind knowing our baby wasn’t going to tip over in the tub, but still gave them the freedom to sit and splash alone.

Towels and Robes

After playing hard in the tub, our littles are ready to cozy up after getting out of the bath and the perfect way to ease them into that is with a comfy towel or robe.

Aiden and Anais has THE softest towels around. We especially love the hooded towel sets that come with an equally soft wash cloth. Their designs also couldn’t be cuter!

Just Born should win an award for having one of the cutest baby products out there – mini bathrobes. It doesn’t get any better! Our kids love putting on robes “just like mom and dad have” and we love how cuddly they are in them.

Miscellaneous Must Haves

These two products are used daily in our households and we didn’t even know about them until recently! Trust us, both will make your lives a whole lot easier –

Skip Hop Floating Thermometer – after relying on the “elbow test” for years and sometimes seconding guessing our skills at it, we were recently introduced to this floating whale thermometer that is equally parts cute and helpful. Let’s just say our elbows are now out of a job.

Wet Brush – anyone that has little girls, this brush is a MUST. We’ve all experienced the post-bath horror of trying to brush out tangles on a squirmy toddler. We don’t pretend to know the magic behind this brush, but trust us when we say it will make those tangles completely manageable.

Bumbo Elipad: Kneeling next to the tub while washing your babe is not always easy, let alone comfortable! The Bumbo Elipad is a saving grace when bath time rolls around. Plus, when you’re done kneeling on the soft pad, it can also be used as a toddler seat.

What are your bath tub must haves for kids?

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