A Day at the Spa Themed Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love to be pampered?! This spa themed birthday party is every girls dream with all the details that go into ‘a day at the spa’. No one needs make up to feel beautiful, but it sure is fun to play dress up and spend time getting pampered at the salon with your friends. The details of this ‘spa day’ are incredible!

The planner shares,

“Every little girls dream party is right here. Point of view, you’re five years old, love makeup and all things girlie. Kelsey’s Daughter, Ray, is just that and received the salon & spa themed birthday party of her dreams, caboodles included. We transformed her home into a magical dream spa fit for the birthday girl! Walking into the party, you see an epic favor wall filled with custom caboodles, tiny linen robes with each girls name, and a wall of goodies to fill your kit.

Once the girls were in their robes and their butterfly clips are in, it is time for lunch. A long table with a dreamy velvet linen consisted of croissants, cucumber sandwiches and delicious cookies. Each setting has unique details , such as, cherry meringues and lipstick lollipops and a “do her makeup” coaster the girls would decorate with stickers. The giant wall of balloons, one for each girl, and hand painted with bubbles is a favorite detail. After lunch its time for your spa service. Painting nails, makeovers and hairdos filled the afternoon, making each girl feel more pampered than ever.”

The planner continues,

We ended the party with cake. The cake table not only housed the strawberry layered cake, but also included coconut powder puff macarons, presented in compacts. There are also mini cucumber macarons and sparkly vanilla lips for dessert! The show stopper was the hair dryer installation above the table. The DIY hairdryers Kelsey made pink, hung above the table to add a fun hair salon spin.

The girls left with full hands and a memory to last forever.

Many things were done by Kelsey like the design of the coasters, the pink hair dryers and arranging the florals. All of which took a lot of time to plan this event and create tons of opportunities for details. Magic was made and it is a party that will not be forgotten!”

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