5 Easter Activities to do with Your Kids

We’ve showed you how to host an Easter brunch, ensure there’s an awesome egg hunt, and now are sharing a few Easter activities to do with your kids! These fun crafts and games are involved but easy. They will allow to spend time with your little ones leading up to, and on Easter and may even kick start a new tradition!

Photo by Ala Cortez

Dye Eggs! The classic Easter activity of dyeing eggs gets a healthier makeover thanks to this Eco-eggs coloring kit! Your kids will love painting (and eating!) eggs of a different color. Plus, all of the dyes are made from plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts, which gives us moms peace of mind!

Craft Cookies. We love baking with our little ones, especially around holidays! This year, we tried out this adorable Blooming Basket Cookie Kit. It comes with all the necessary fixings and ingredients for iced chocolate chip cookies that end up looking like cute Easter baskets!

Plant a Garden… or a few flowers ;). Take your little one into the front or back yard and teach or help them to plant a few pots or seeds. They can use this cute Dig & Discover Kit made perfectly for their size. Plus, they will love getting to watch their flowers bloom over the course of spring!

Color your own tableware! Make coloring not only fun but productive too with these party plates and cups. Your kids can color and then use them on Easter Sunday!

Pin the tail on the bunny. One of the most classic party games gets a fun update for Easter! Your little ones will have loads of fun trying to get a cotton tail on a bunny on the wall. You can get this fun printable from Ella Claire. Put it up early so they can try and try again and get excited for the weekend!

Don’t forget to fill up their Easter baskets with these cute Easter gifts too!

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