A Wine Tasting 30th Birthday Bash

This wine tasting 30th birthday bash will give you plenty of ideas for your own celebration! Doesn’t everyone want a beautiful birthday party full of great friends and good wine?! Birthday girl, Megan Welker, is lucky to have a husband who recruits Beijos Events to make her dream birthday come to life. They not only had custom wine glasses made but also designed the day exactly to Megan’s liking. Here’s how they mastered it – and how YOU can throw your own wine tasting party!

When Megan’s husband Adam reached out to me to see if I would help plan Megan’s 30th birthday party and make it pretty, I of course said YES!  Megan is one of those people that you meet and feel like you’ve known forever. She is caring, thoughtful, loyal, hilarious, and beautiful – all of the amazing qualities you want in a friend! Megan has been so good to my family and I so helping with her 30th birthday was the least I could do! Plus, I got to tag along and go wine tasting with her, so it was a win/win!

Knowing Megan, we knew she likes soft natural colors, so we really wanted to use that palette for all the things (as she would say). The florals had to be ethereal and soft, just the way she would like it and MV Florals did the best job! Next, for all of the little details, we turned to Courtney at PoppyJack. She made the amazing menus out of balsa wood, a fun “this is thirty” sign for Megan to hold, and a personalized wine glass for each guest! Because everyone should have one when wine tasting if you ask me!


Of course we had to cap off her big day with dessert! Beverly’s bakery made the tastiest treats including hand painted macarons and a cake that tasted even better than they looked. Her cake was simple and adorned with flowers and a “Hello Thirty” cake topper by PoppyJack. It was such a fun day spent relaxing, drinking wine, eating an AMAZING charcuterie board, and enjoying time with our favorite birthday girl! Happy 30th Megan! It’s never looked better!!!


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