A Vintage Market Founder’s Stunning Eclectic Home

Wether you are ultra thrifty or just love to feature unique pieces in your home, you will love – and we mean, love – Coley’s stunning eclectic home. But let’s not stop there, the co-owner of Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market, is not only showing off her love of vintage through her home, but also taking to cities all over the country with a vintage market so you can do the same. Below, learn more about this awesome pop-up type shop, and how you too can tell a story with your decor…

Ok, before we talk about your gorgeous home, tell us a little bit about your business, Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market! What inspired you to start Junk in the Trunk? Have you always had a passion for previously loved pieces?

We accidentally started our market because we needed to clear our garage! We were slightly hoarders, but of the best kind of JUNK! I started my love of garage sales when I was very young and my brother and I would have competitions on who could get he most items for $1!

What are your best tips for finding treasures while vintage shopping?

I always suggest having a list of items that you need/want for your home with measurements. Vintage items are one of a kind, so you will want to be prepared! I also think that if you LOVE it you should buy it. Most likely you won’t see it again, and if you truly love it, you will make it work in your home decor.

So, your home has to be full of vintage finds, right?! What are some of your favorite pieces and how did you discover them?

YES! I am slightly obsessed with vintage everything! My favorite pieces are the cabinet under the tv, which was in a movie, and our island which is an old tanker desk.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Vintage eclectic


Did you take on any DIY projects to renovate or refurbish anything in your home?

I have painted almost everything in my home! The buffet in our dining room was an antique and given to my parents as a wedding gift, It has been 3 different colors since it was gifted to us a few years ago!

What’s the biggest challenge when decorating with pieces from all different eras and styles?

It’s more fun to mix and match new and vintage. When doing so, I suggest keeping a white backdrop (all my walls are white) so the items can pop and take center stage.

Do you have a favorite room in the house and why?

Our kitchen/living room is my favorite. I designed the trim to make it look like a home that has been here forever, and the decorations have been collected over the years of our marriage and it makes me so happy!

We know giving back is a big part of your business. Tell us a little bit about how you partner with charities and how you prioritize that!

We have grown a very large reach over social media for the past 7 years. What a waste if we don’t use it for good! We love partnering with local charities as well as supporting our Africa Sewing Project helping young women escape sex trafficking.

You travel all around putting on Junk in the Trunk vintage markets! Where can we find you next?

We will be in Scottsdale in April and back to California in July for our San Diego and NorCal markets!

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