Before and After: Texas Loft Space by Lauren Kelp

Major design lust happening over here right now! We’re fighting the urge to re-decorate with all this goodness  inspiring us! Lauren Kelp is kind of the coolest.. not only when it comes to interior design.. but also event stylingShe designed this amazing loft space for a young Texan couple to fit their style and lifestyle perfectly (come make our homes this great please?!)! We are super tempted to pick up some of those gold polka dot pillows and a large stack of coffee table books! Hack her brain here for tips, tricks, and what makes this apartment tick!

  Texas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style Home Texas Loft Style Home Texas Loft Style Home Texas Loft Style Home

1. Tell us a little bit about the inspiration for the design of each of these rooms!

Amanda & Tyler were high school sweethearts with great style so it was a total blast to work with them. The goal was to upgrade their style from “mismatched newlywed” (you know, his couch, her chair, etc.) to something more metropolitan. We wanted to keep the living room and dining room a fun, downtown loft feel that lets them entertain easily while still being comfortable enough to relax after a long day at work. Amanda’s office was a totally different story. As a freelance creative, Amanda gets to work from home so she needed a space where she could entertain clients, do photo shoots, and be continuously inspired by. Her office is one of my absolute favorite rooms I have ever decorated. I mean, who doesn’t love a client that will let you paint her office “Ballerina Pink?”

(We heart this office space too!)


Texas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style Home


2. What is your favorite part of the home? 

The Lackey’s live in this rock star condo right in the museum district of downtown Ft. Worth and they have the most fantastic floor to ceiling wall of windows. Before we got to work, the downstairs walls were painted a light mauve color & didn’t do the space justice. Once we painted the walls a soft eggshell, the whole place transformed. The light from the window wall gave everything this wonderful glow & transformed the feel completely. What was once slightly stormy became a fresh, effervescent space that leaves you feeling energized.


Texas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style Home


3. This is a smaller home that you did a great job designing.  What are some tricks for smaller spaces to make them seem larger?

Make sure the proportions of your furniture are correct. Smaller spaces need to be highly functional, and we sometimes try to cram too much furniture in to a room because we think we need to. My biggest recommendation is to get furniture that fits the space & your lifestyle needs. A newlywed couple in a 1,000 sq.ft apartment doesn’t need a dining room table that fits 16, so opt for a smaller table that fits entertaining needs and makes sense for the space.


Texas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style Home


4. They have lots of gallery walls throughout the home which are huge right now!  What’s your best advice when trying to create a gallery wall in a room?

I love a good gallery wall and to me, the best advice is to not think about it too much. When you are thinking about what to put up, odd numbers (3,5,7) always work best. There are lots of tutorials online, showing you how to tape it out & measure, but I just trust my gut. Artwork always looks best when it is hung at eye level & the rest is personal preference. Let your pieces have some room to breathe, put up work you like, have fun!

 Texas Loft Style HomeTexas Loft Style Home


Some of our favorite spots to shop interiors: West Elm, Pottery Barn, World Market

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  1. Can I live here too?! Absolutely obsessed with this space and everything in it!

  2. I love everything about this! Definitely going to try and recreate some of what she did with my place!

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