Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Well, well, well. If it’s not our two most favorite topics that we already can’t stop talking about. Seasonal items AND Trader Joes? A true match made in heaven if you ask us. Now, let it be known that it was extremely difficult to narrow down our favorite seasonal finds at Trader Joes to one list, and we might have lost sleep over it (dramatic), but we gave it our best shot. Don’t worry, if pumpkin isn’t your jam, there are tons of other non-pumpkin seasonal items that will do the trick just as well. Read on for some of our best picks!

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes


Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Pumpkin-Pie Ginger Brew

An all-new and non-alcoholic beverage that blends a mulled apple cider-like base with a generous amount of ginger purée & plenty of pumpkin pie spices, making it perfect for parties of hostess gifts. Don’t worry, all you have to do is add a shot of vodka to create the perfect pumpkin-pie mule. How amazing does that sound?!

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

GT’s Fall Edition Kombucha

If we had to choose one item to be at the top of our seasonal finds at Trader Joes list, this might be it. This new fall edition flavor of GT’s kombucha has turmeric, carrot, apple, and a ton of cider spices for the most refreshing mid-day treat. Seriously debating on clearing the shelves before they stop stocking it!

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage

A perfect swap for your traditional milk in smoothies, coffee, and (our favorite) overnight chia pudding and overnight oats, this pumpkin almond milk is the most ideal dairy-free combination of seasonal spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Autumn Maple Coffee

We heard that the maple flavor in this coffee was made with real Vermont maple syrup, so of course, we had to give it a try. Because what else would better complement your TJ’s pumpkin pancakes or gluten-free chocolate chip pumpkin bread?


Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Maple Sea Salt Kettle Corn

Popped in coconut oil and seasoned with only sea salt, and sweetened with a light maple sugar glaze it’s safe to say this fall twist on kettle corn is highly addicting. It also makes for a perfect party mix if you add peanuts and candy corn if that’s your thing 😉

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Mix

As soon as the temp drops, you won’t see our pantry without at least a few boxes of this. Our favorite thing to do to make it slightly healthier is just mixing the box with one can of pumpkin puree and omit the other ingredients for a super moist (sorry!) gluten-free pumpkin bread. We also love adding walnuts or chocolate chips!

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Pumpkin Salsa + Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

This is a combo that should go without saying. We’re big salsa girls over here, especially when they are unique in flavor, and this one has just the right amount of pumpkin. The chips are perfectly crispy and are just as good on their own as they are dipped!

Lunches + Dinners

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Autumnal Harvest Creamy Pasta Sauce

If you know us you know we are big sauce gals, and this one does not disappoint! It’s definitely a fun twist on any fall pasta dish that you might have coming up on the menu. Or, if you have kiddos they will definitely get a kick out of switching up their typical pasta sauce for something a little more seasonal.

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Butternut Squash Cauliflower Risotto

No fear, the ongoing cauliflower craze at Trader Joes is not over! Though the name pretty much covers it all, the dish also consists of carrots, garlic, and cheese. You can find it in the frozen section amongst some of our other cauliflower friends! We also love to add some chicken sausage for some extra protein.

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Harvest Spaghetti Squash Spirals

If you’re anything like us the thought of making spaghetti squash sounds delightful, but the effort and time it takes to prep behind the scenes? It can be a little intimidating. Lucky for us, Trader Joes took most of the work out of it and crafted this delicious saucy dish that you can just pop in a pan and have a new fan-favorite dinner in minutes.

Other Necessary Items

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Pumpkin Spice Biocellulose Face Mask

Not going to lie, we saw this and thought the “pumpkin everything” was getting a littttle out of hand. But hey, we tried it anyway because that’s what we do! To our surprise, this $2.99 single-use mask was super skin-soothing and ultra-moisturizing. The seasonally-spiced serum contains a mix of beneficial ingredients for your skin like pumpkin seed & turmeric root extracts, aloe leaf juice, shea butter esters, colloidal gold, hydrolyzed silk protein. Don’t forget to peel both layers off the mask before you apply it like we did!

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Vanilla Pumpkin Scented Candle

This one needs no explaining, right? Everyone has tried it? If you haven’t we are urging you to run, don’t walk, to TJ’s this evening and grab a couple. This is an item we actually do stock up on because when they’re gone, mild depression sets in for real. I think we all have one in every room of our house, they’re that good!

Our Favorite Seasonal finds at Trader Joes

Actual Pumpkins

Speckled or striped, bumpy or smooth, TJ’s has every kind of pumpkin you could need for your decor or carving needs. We’ve all seen those images floating around of Instagram of the perfectly decored mantles and front porches with every variety of pumpkin you could think of. Good news, Trader Joes also carries those “fantasy” pumpkins at a fraction of the price that you could find them anywhere else

Now that you have the 411 on all of our personal favorite seasonal finds at Trader Joes, we want to hear yours! Pumpkin is not quite your thing? Check out these Recipes to Try If You’re Over Pumpkin!

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