4 steps to navigate how to vote in the 2020 Election

If 2020 has felt like a cluster of confusion and uncertainty because of the Coronavirus, then rest assured you are not alone. We have shared our fair share on the blog about how this virus has affected us, and our various coping mechanisms, but today we are talking about making sure we don’t let COVID affect voting turnout. We will give it to you straight, voting was confusing prior to 2020, and now it can feel even more so. But, not to worry, we are here to help you navigate exactly how to vote in the 2020 election.

.01 – Start with your State

It is important to start your registration and voting journey with the state you reside. Some states require absentee-voter registration while others are sending ballots to all residents, like in California. Check your specific states policy and decide based on what voting options are available for you in the 2020 election.


.02 – Register to vote

Registering to vote is so important to make sure you have done everything you can to ensure you will receive a ballot in the mail, (if you have not gotten one already). If you have already registered to vote, then checking your voter registration is always a good idea.


.03 – Create a Voting Plan

Chances are you are not sure on what you are going to vote on for every ticket on your ballot, but each is just as important as the last! We have found that the best resource to come up with a plan is the automated questionnaire on Vote Save America. They make the whole process so easy and simple it will take the confusion out of voting on the day.


.04 – Remember to Actually Vote

If you are voting in person, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to do so, and if you are voting by mail make sure you mail out your ballot in time, or at all. We are all human and make mistakes, so it’s so important to make sure you actually make it to the polls or fill out your ballot how you intended.


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