The Refreshing Master Bedroom of Brit Pierce

Beware, we’re about to introduce you to yet another design savvy blogger, and feed you’ll have to follow! Brit Pierce started her blog House Updated to help create a community where people could share ways to improve their home and document her own home progression. And we’re so glad she did! Her California-casual style is both enviable and attainable – evident in her refreshing master bedroom we’re touring here. Thanks to her ongoing updates, we are constantly inspired – and you will be too!

How long have you been blogging? What made you decide to document your home transformations online?

I can’t believe it’s been this long but I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now. When I started remodeling our first home there weren’t many websites out there showing homeowners how to improve their homes. With our second home I wanted to be part of a community that shares ideas and helps each other. Also, blogging keeps me motivated by documenting all of our changes through the years and appreciating how much we’ve done.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

While my design aesthetic has evolved over time, I’d say right now it is an eclectic California style, mixing a variety of styles but always with a clean, layered, and casual finish.

We have fallen in love with your style & are so inspired by it! Where do you look for inspiration?

Thank you so much! I love to get inspired by and incorporate ideas from my travels, local home shops, and even from favorite restaurants. I also love seeing so many different styles represented in the Instagram design community and am inspired by my fellow bloggers’ seemingly endless creativity.

As a mom, do you have any tips or rules for designing a home to be both beautiful and practical/livable?

That’s the only design I do! I rely heavily on picking durable finishes or being able to live with finishes that show more marks like marble. The key really, is to make sure nothing is too precious so you can enjoy your family more than your things. One way to do that is to spend more for items that will stand up to heavy wear and tear or conversely to select a less expensive version of something you love so that even if it is ruined by kid hands, it is replaceable.

Your master bedroom looks like the perfect haven! What were your initial goals when designing the space?

Thank you, we sure do enjoy our bedroom! In designing the space, I really wanted something that was bright, interesting, cozy, and that felt like “us”.  In other words, an extension of the rest of our house and the way we live, rather than what it was, which was a room that didn’t relate to our life or our home.

What is your favorite part of this room?

Hard to pick but I’d have to say the reading corner. I am a big reader and love having a cozy spot to sit in the sun and enjoy a good book.  And the bird leg table and low-hung art help the space feel fun and cozy.

Part of the draw of your Instagram and blog is that you’re constantly changing or ‘updating’ your house. This begs the question.. what are you currently working on?

At any given time I’ve got several projects in the works, but bathrooms are on the brain lately and I’m also working on some updates to our living room. My goal is always just to keep the house updated to work for our lifestyle, so we don’t have to adapt around it. As our family grows and evolves, so does our house.

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