Pink Unicorn Popcorn Recipe

Lindsey Bonnice, of Live Sweet Shop, whipped up this Unicorn Popcorn recipe for us on our lifestyle blog today. It’s pink in color, and full of fun – and therefore right up our alley! We can’t help but think it’s the perfect treat for a girl’s night in or a kids birthday party. Make a big batch and watch everyone rave over it.

Pink Unicorn Popcorn Recipe - Inspired by This
Aproximately 12 cups Candy coated popcorn
Half a bag colored chocolate melts
Assorted favorite sprinkles (mine are from Sweetapolita)

Pink Unicorn Popcorn Recipe - Inspired by This
1. Start with candy coated popcorn in the color of your choice. I purchased a glaze and popped plain popcorn with a glaze in a popcorn popper but you can also purchase candy coated popcorn from many online stores including Oh! nuts.

2. Once your popcorn is cool, spread it on a baking sheet.

3. Melt the colored chocolate melts in a chocolate melter or the microwave or stove top

4. Drizzle melted chocolate over popcorn

5. Immediately sprinkle with an assortment of your favorite sprinkles

6. Allow to dry completely before breaking up to serve

Pink Unicorn Popcorn Recipe - Inspired by This

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