Pairing Wine and Farmer’s Market Finds This Summer

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Our favorite way to sip wine? All of the time! But this summer, we especially love taking it outside and enjoying light, refreshing varietals. Now is the ideal time to enjoy the long nights and warm weather by entertaining outdoors or simply gathering your girls for some time in the sun. And what goes better with that than wine! We regularly peruse our local farmer’s market for the freshest produce and blooms, but this time, we went on the hunt for what would go best with our favorite summertime wines. We’ve been enjoying AVA Grace‘s beautifully balanced and bright wines, specifically the Rosé (naturally) and Red Blend. So, we set out on a picnic, toting our wine and farmer’s market finds. See how we paired them below!

Wine and Farmer's Market Finds This Summer Wine and Farmer's Market Finds This Summer

We were so impressed with all the options at our farmer’s market to pair with these wines! With the Rosé in mind, we picked up fresh peaches and apricots – yum! Then, we grabbed an assortment of dried fruit & nuts including blood oranges, figs, and almonds. The crisp, slightly dry rosé also pairs well with multi-grain crackers and semi-soft cheeses. So, we were sure to pick up some of those, trying a delicious Broncha cheese for the first time! The cheese also pairs well with the Red Blend, as do charcuterie meats. And who doesn’t love a meat & cheese board?!

And don’t forget the blooms! We picked out these bright bundles in lavender, violet, and white as well as some greenery. The big beautiful bouquets were not only affordable but also brought so much color, joy, and life to our little set-up! Every celebration needs flowers, right?! Now, off to the picnic…

The AVA Grace bottles are beautiful! We love each bottle’s unique and feminine label. They contributed so well to creating this bright and fun picnic setting. Speaking of setting, this picnic is something you can easily mimic at your local park or even in your backyard with your girlfriends! Task each guest with bringing an outdoor blanket, glassware, or utensils, and rely on your farmer’s market for the rest! Shopping, food, and wine – does it get any better?!

Refreshments are served! For presentation we dropped dried blood orange slices into everyone’s glass of rosé. We love how pretty they looked!

This was the perfect setting to slow down and spend time with friends. All we really need is each other and a glass of wine for the perfect afternoon, but all the delicious snacks and treats don’t hurt ;). We chatted and laughed as we sipped and nibbled our way through the yummy spread. The combination transformed a typical day into one full of sweet moments and happy memories.

Wine and Farmer's Market Finds This Summer


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