Our Favorite Gluten & Dairy Free Trader Joe’s Items

If you ask us, Trader Joe’s is 100% worth the hype! It’s truly one of our favorite places to shop. Not only do they have great prices, but they have a wide variety to choose from in many sections of their store. It’s also a great option for those of us with gluten and dairy sensitivities. The gluten free and vegan labels make it incredibly easy when browsing through each store location – did you know they have these?! From flowers, to seasonings, to snacks, the options are endless. Check out the list below to see some of our favorite gluten and dairy free Trader Joe’s items to add to your cart on your next trip! You also don’t want to miss their seasonal items, either!


The drink aisles at Trader Joe’s are exceptional. There are so many cold pressed juice options in the refrigerator section, as well as on the shelves. The tangerine juice is a MUST try. Try swapping it for orange juice on your next trip – it’s also incredible in smoothies.

The 3 different flavors of sparkling teas are insanely good! All of them have a touch of caffeine, but the white tea puts a little extra pep in your step – which we sometimes need in the mornings. They’re the perfect (clean) pick me up and also the perfect size!


It’s no secret that seasonings are one of the most expensive pantry items. Trader Joe’s seasonings are not only affordable, they are super versatile. There are plenty of seasonings not pictured here, but we did snag a few pictures of our most used. The BBQ seasoning, mushroom umami, and salmon rub are also some favorites!

Pro tips coming at ya! You’re going to want to sprinkle the pizza seasoning on your roasted potatoes/fries or add it into your marinara sauce to kick them up a notch! The citrusy garlic blend is incredible on salmon, and the chile lime, we love adding it to our tacos/taquitos. The green goddess and onion salt are the best flavor enhancers for your salad dressings. Try 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon juice, 2 tbsp olive oil, and 3 tsp seasoning. Shake up & enjoy!

Our Favorite Gluten Free Snacks/Sweet Treats

Anyone else love snacking?! All of these are great, healthy snack options. Whether you’re on the go, or need to add a little something extra to tide you over until dinner, the options above are some of our favorite gluten and dairy free Trader Joe’s items.

The freeze dried fruit, fruit bars, golden berries and sunflower butter cups are clean and totally satisfy your sweet tooth. The almond flour cookies are ridiculously gooey and delicious. Pro tip with those – if you are egg free/egg sensitive, sub in 1 tbsp apple sauce per 1 egg in any baking recipe. If you’re out of dairy free milk, add in your favorite yogurt – it makes them even softer after baking.

Our Favorite Dairy Free Sauces/Dips

The dip section might be our favorite section of Trader Joe’s. The vegan options are incredibly good and have tons of great flavor. Use them on salads, pastas, or charcuterie boards. The jicima sticks (pictured earlier) along with carrot sticks, bell peppers and snap peas are a great accessory for these dips as well! Throw the chili onion crunch on anything – and we mean anything!

Other Favorite Gluten & Dairy Free Trader Joe’s Items

Trader Joe’s truly has it all. From organic frozen fruits, turkey burgers, and plenty of breakfast options, all of your daily meals can be covered with one store! They have some of the best gluten free pasta, herbs and floral options – or at least we think so!

The date syrup is a new staple in our pantry. It’s an incredible syrup/sweetener replacement on oatmeal or pancakes. Air fry the gnocchi – your kids will have no idea its main ingredient is cauliflower.

Be sure to screen shot or write down some new items from our list that you’d be willing to try on your next trip. It’s impossible to cover all of our favorites in one blog post, but this is a good starter list for those wanting to have more options that are healthy, affordable and most importantly, delicious!