New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

Happy New Year! Time and time again, the end of the year comes and some (not always all) of our resolutions from January remain unmet. Anyone else have this problem, leaving them feeling a little dejected? (We’re raising our hands!). So, this year, our team came up with a few new years resolutions you can actually stick to. Whether it’s being more mindful or more active, we hope these will inspire your own goals for 2018!

1. Clean out your closet every 3 months

2. Pick a word to focus on and apply to situations this year, such as “calm” or “enjoy”

3. Volunteer once a month

4. Start a reading list

5. Then, read 1 book every month

6. Start the day by listening to one of your favorite songs

7. Try a few new hiking spots

8. Limit screen time

9. Drink more water

10. Call your family more

11. Learn a new skill

12. Be kinder to yourself

13. Start meditating (or do it more)

14. Cook more

15. Stop procrastinating everything

16. Donate old clothes

17. Visit a city you’ve never been before

18. Stay in touch with long distance friends

19. Limit yourself to one cup of coffee (or try and cut it out one day a week!)

20. Stay up to date on news

21. Be an encouraging coworker

22. Count your blessings every night before bed

What are your resolutions?

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