Tour This Stunning Modern Spanish Home in L.A.

You know those homes you drive by at a pace slower than a snail as you crane your neck trying to take another look? Yeah, this is one of those. The stunning modern Spanish home, or should we say villa, is both luxe and family friendly. With big cushy couches and outdoor spaces built for entertaining, it goes to show a house can be both stylistically beautiful and lived in. The developing team at LA Build Corp calls this “luxurious family living”. The firm’s President, Ami Harari, shares how they achieved it with us here below!

Modern Spanish Home in L.A.

What was the inspiration for this home? 

The inspiration was to keep the feel of the original, Spanish neighborhood, and to update the style. Generally, the older Spanish villas are much bigger than the lot we had to work with and we wanted to give it the feeling that it was majestic the minute you walked in the front door. By adding the latest in-home automation and gorgeous ornate finishes, we ended up with a modern Spanish home that preserves the old style feel with all the modern luxuries. Once we understood what they were after, we began to build with a “beefed up” look to create depth to the walls, ceilings and even lengths of the rooms. The lot itself is not enormous, but there is no denying the grandiose feeling you get once you walk in the foyer.

Modern Spanish Home in L.A. Modern Spanish Home in L.A.
Tell us a little about the entire process – where do you start with the client? What was their main goal for the home?

The clients were a design/development team and they wanted to build a beautiful home that would stand out and at the same time fit in with the California style. Once the architect came up with the basic design, the clients worked on the interior design to be luxurious and yet remain homey. We were thrilled to work with the clients as their taste was impeccable and they both knew exactly what they wanted to do and were able to make decisions in the field that were always spot on.

Modern Spanish Home in L.A. Modern Spanish Home in L.A. Modern Spanish Home in L.A.
Were there any challenges that came up during the building or design process? How did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge was creating a large house on a regular sized lot. This house does not have a basement, so we used all the buildable space allowed. The exterior is not extensive, so we kept the existing older trees that helped to give a historical presence and built a smaller pool with large side patios and beautiful gardens to keep with the luxurious look we were building.

Modern Spanish Home in L.A. Modern Spanish Home in L.A. Modern Spanish Home in L.A.Modern Spanish Home in L.A.
Every space is exquisite and so unique! How would you describe the style?

The wonderful design of this home allowed for large open living spaces while at the same time incorporating many private rooms. This created a lush aesthetic which was grand and remained habitable for a family to live comfortably in. Each room is connected in some way to one another be it by sharing a common color or similar fixture, which then connects them all to the common rooms. This style is what we call “luxurious family living”.

Modern Spanish Home in L.A.Modern Spanish Home in L.A.
What is your favorite part of the design or room in the house?

*The Office is one of our favorite rooms. The walls and doors have beautiful paneling that is extended higher than the average wainscoting with oversized doors. The entire room is painted blue including the ceiling, giving a sense of privacy and yet, still showcasing the generous size of the room.

Modern Spanish Home in L.A. Modern Spanish Home in L.A. Modern Spanish Home in L.A.
*The Living Room has a Fleetwood slider that opens out to the pool. These enormous doors really enhance a room when they are open as you get the feeling of being in two places at once. You can sit by the fire and still enjoy the view of the backyard.

*We carried the exposed beams from the front entry of the house to the back outdoor cantilevered patio. Standing in the backyard looking inside, the length of the beams looks incredible and create a long, sleek look for the ceilings.

Modern Spanish Home in L.A. Modern Spanish Home in L.A.

What’s your favorite room?

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