Mint & Pink Estate Dinner Party

With mint and pink details and a tufted lavender couch (yes!), this estate dinner party on our lifestyle blog today has about everything we love! The redesigned Rockfield Manor in Northern Maryland created the perfect setting for a romantic dinner party with its historical charm and antique elements. Elle Ellinghaus had the chance to turn the dining room into a space fit for a regal affair, or in this case a pretty party, with mint place settings – each including a pink rose – antique trays, and a faux fireplace! She describes her design here like only she can and inspires us to incorporate vintage pieces into our home decor with how amazing they look here:


Historical homes and anything to do with the early 1900’s, speakeasies and Mr. F.Scott Fitzgerald completely steal my heart. Since the manor was built in the early 1900’s, I sat back and imagined what must have been a whirlwind of parties at this home that sits up on a hill like it was built right out of a painting. In this big room, I saw entertaining: lavish dinner parties, champagne being popped celebrating as women received the right to vote, smoking cigars in the parlor after the butler served dinner, and wine being poured endlessly as prohibition ended. I wanted to keep the traditional, historical feel to the home, yet combine it with a modern, glam flair. I decided to split the room into two uses, but keeping the design cohesive. One side would be the dining room and the other, a parlor, dahhhrling.

It started with an oyster-meets-oat color wall paint and crisp white molding that kept it clean, timeless, yet beautiful. Antique furniture, some refinished and some with obvious wear and tear that made those pieces even more divine, rested in the parlor next to a 1900-something phonograph and large mirror bouncing the light from the many windows around the room. The parlor was complete with a wine rack (filled with my collection just for the show house), records, and stunning gold Florentine tables. A traditional, vintage table from Second Chance was donated for the dining room area and was refinished with cream colored chalk paint to keep the space airy and very soft. I brought the dining table to life with a mint green ottoman, clear ghost chairs for a modern touch, and centerpieces of glittering candles. The table settings included gold flatware, gold chargers, mint custom plates and lace napkins with a Parisian inspired menu printed on each one.

As you follow the mint plate wall, you are taken around the room to the mint server in the parlor. This may be my favorite piece in the room. I refinished it mint with bronze hardware and it really completed the space. The colors that are intricately placed around the room, the vintage details such as mismatched glasses and old bottles of liquor on a bar cart from 1911, and fresh peonies made this room complete, flowy and a place I would love to hold a party!


Rockfield Manor Dinner Party Rockfield Manor Dinner PartyRockfield Manor Dinner Party Rockfield Manor Dinner PartyRockfield Manor Dinner Party  Rockfield Manor Dinner Party Rockfield Manor Dinner Party Rockfield Manor Dinner PartyRockfield Manor Dinner Party Rockfield Manor Dinner Party   Rockfield Manor Dinner PartyRockfield Manor Dinner Party



Styling & Design: Elle Ellinghaus Designs 
Photographer: Anne Herbert Photography 
Historic Home: Rockfield Manor
Vintage Table: Second Chance
Florentine Tables & Tray, Tufted Lavender Sofa, & Mantle: House of Presley
Proceeds Benefited: Chesapeake Cancer Alliance



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