Love You a Brunch

We have probably said it before, but brunch is our favorite meal (can’t you tell?!). I mean, when you can combine breakfast foods, hearty lunches, AND dessert, how could you argue?! This cute “love you a brunch” theme is great for any occasion, inspiring us to entertain ASAP!  Because these dishes look delish (those berry danishes!) especially plated on chic rustic cake stands! But mainly because enjoying a meal with the ones you “love a brunch” is the best! Take this inspiration and run with it because that spread is calling your name!

From 24 Carrots

I wanted this shoot to give readers a fresh, interactive idea for their bridal shower, wedding, or day-after brunch. Combining delightful sweets with hearty breads, and gourmet savory meats, is perfect for anyone in your party. I worked with the chefs to create some fun twists on traditional favorites. One thing was certain- anything mini makes for a better presentation!  From tiny quail eggs (in mini skillets like this) to mini English muffins, we tried to keep everything to bite-sized. I was also very inspired by fresh farmer’s market ingredients, and made sure to bring in these elements through seasonal fruit, salads in crates, a bountiful bread display (which can easily turn into a guest favor station), and an array of meats straight from the butcher. My goal was to create a neutral backdrop, mixing wood, slate, copper, and galvanized metal, and having pops of color through the food – a vibrant orange from the smoked salmon, pops of yellow from the egg yolk, and bold red berries.

 Love You a Brunch Love You a BrunchLove You a BrunchLove You a BrunchLove You a BrunchLove You a Brunch

Photography: Studio EMP
Rentals: Found Rentals
Catering: 24 Carrots
Bread Display: OC Baking
Cake: Flavor Pursuit Bakeshop
Chalk Art: Inviting Occasion

18 responses to “Love You a Brunch

  1. This “love you a brunch” theme is very cute! The food looks delicious.

  2. It doesn’t get much better than a meal full of bite-sized foods. That naked cake doesn’t hurt either!

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