Inspiring Companies that Give Back

Every now and then we like to shed light on a few inspiring companies that give back. Not only to they deserve a shout out for their efforts around the world, but also for their incredible products! Here are our current favorites:

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DIFF EyewearThis stylish sunglasses brand’s mission? To make a DIFFerence. They also operate on a ‘buy one give one’ basis, and in doing so provide eyewear to people in need through partner charities.

Project 7 gum: Delicious gum and mints are only the beginning of why we love Project 7. The company’s mission is to give back to 7 specific areas of need. Read about them here!

Little LotusThe tech-savvy swaddles and blankets were created not only to aid new moms and their babes, but also provide preterm infants around the world with care via a specially designed incubator. For every product purchased, an incubator is provided to an infant in need around the world.

Roma BootsRoma Boots donate a pair of boots to a child in need around the world with every pair purchased. Additionally, they donate 10% of all proceeds to educational initiatives. We don’t know about you but we think it’s time for a new pair of shoes! 😉

HydrosBringing water to the world is yet another great cause we stand behind. Hydros helps make it possible by benefiting sustainable water infrastructure projects. Plus, the water bottle itself is pretty incredible! Its design filters, keeps out bacteria, and fills from the side.


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