Organic Dinner Party

Looking to throw an organic dinner party that will blow all of your friends away?!  Then you’ll definitely want to take notes from this indie backyard gathering!  Hunt + Gather hosted a get together in a quaint backyard near downtown Los Angeles and transformed it into a charming city escape. The guests were greeted with a stunning view of downtown while the backyard surrounded them with  nature, a fire, and luscious greenery.  Be Inspired Networker Found Vintage Rentals provided some amazing pieces that made the dinner incredibly beautiful and uniquely special.  The vintage dish ware and glasses from The Vintage Table Co. were the perfect touch of femininity against the rustic furniture.

The event stylists gave us a peek into the night..We added some special touches to make this a memorable dinner. The first being the bundle of herbs at each place setting. These herbs were picked from the cook’s (Annie) garden. Lauren (Lavender Grey) also printed menus for each place setting so the guests could sit down and salivate over what was to come.  We greeted the guests with a saffron/ orange infused cocktail. The drinks were served in vintage glassware and mason jars with one large ice cube (the ones trending the bar scene these days) with an orange peel and a bit of juice in the middle of the cube. As the ice melts the orange starts to infuse the saffron infused simple syrup and bourbon. Amanda, added a little note explaining her Grandma Honey’s bourbon sipping notes.  Amanda also acted as our sommelier and picked out wonderful bottles of red and white wine to accompany dinner. As an appetizer, we served with the cocktails, fried sage leaves stuffed with homemade lemon ricotta and a honey lemon drizzle. Yum! This was a big hit!  We wanted to send the guests home with something else special. We added in a white chocolate raspberry scone as a take away so that when the guests woke up the next morning they had something to remember us by and a reminder that the indulgence wasn’t over yet!

Are you drooling yet, because we are!  Definitely an event that sounds just as delicious as it looks!

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