Why to Gift a Smart Home This Holiday

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Why not give the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season? Our Samsung Connect Home has been useful in so many ways, so we thought why not gift a smart home to family and friends this Christmas! We know it will only make their lives easier like it has for us! Here’s why we love the Samsung Connect Home…

What is Connect Home?

Samsung Connect Home is a mesh wi-fi router that gives corner to corner wi-fi coverage for your home (no more dead zones!) whether you live in an apartment or a large house. If you live in a large home, you can simply add in another router here and there as needed. If you’re like us, the wi-fi struggle can be real, between wandering the house for the best connection on FaceTime or not being able to scroll Instagram in bed (oops ;)). Needless to say, the struggle is non-existent now. And the fact that the routers are sleek (and all white) makes them blend right in with your home décor – goodbye ugly antennas. Plus, it doubles as a SmartThings hub so that you can connect your smart home devices (like voice assistants, your Hue light bulbs or Samsung smart TV), and control them all through the Connect App. Here’s how we use it…

We pair with other smart devices in our home

Samsung Connect Home helps you scan your network, recognize your compatible devices and then pair them with your phone and each other. What does this all mean? Using the Connect App, you can control your lights, TV, speakers, and more all from ONE streamlined app on your phone. We particularly love turning on and off the lights in different rooms via the app. Hello, energy saver! Also, with all the holiday travel we’ve been doing, we like being able to ensure lights are off while we are gone.

Connect Home also extends the reach of your wi-fi throughout the house making it easy to access all your devices from anywhere in your home.

We set a festive mood all around the house

Want the Christmas lights on, the holiday music playing in one room, and the Hallmark channel in another? The Connect App allows you to do it all with a few swipes from wherever you are. Rushing home for the Christmas party? Have everything in order before you get there! Now, who wouldn’t love the help?!

We keep track of our growing to-do list

It’s no secret the holidays are full of endless to-do’s. From shopping for gifts (like Connect Home) to cooking, decorating, and hosting guests, it is easy to lose track of everything on our lists. From the app, we can see when the wash is being done, that our devices are charging, and create schedules to help us along throughout the day.

We already have our phone on hand at all times, so now being able to control the entire house via it is life changing. We’re sure any recipient would love getting the Samsung Connect Home this season! Don’t believe us? See all it can do here to give you stronger and secure Internet and make controlling your smart home a breeze!

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