Festive California-Cool Holiday Home Tour

‘Tis the season to be festive! Decorating is a rite of passage during the holiday season. However, decorating in a way you enjoy is the most important part. The blow-up balloons and images of Santa Claus all over may not be the perfect way for your home. Don’t be discouraged! There are so many ways to make a space feel perfect for celebration. We even have the perfect inspiration for you. On the blog today, we are excited to be sharing new imagery of Lauren Meichtry’s, founder of Elsie Home, California-cool holiday home tour.

Lauren’s personal design aesthetic really shines through the space with hints of holiday that aren’t too overwhelming for those that aren’t wanting to be cliche. From layered textures and a variety of different materials, Lauren hasn’t shied away from packing a lot of design elements into this small bungalow space. She recently downsized from a large home to this lovely apartment space, so she has a ton of great insight and inspiration into making small-space design and style work.

Design tips:

  • I’m a big fan of neutral Christmas decor, as it naturally blends in with your home while simultaneously adding a festive touch. I use a lot of natural wood pieces on my Christmas tree, as well as around my home. For me it’s more about leaning into the season, rather than letting it dominate or swallow your home decor. 
  • A common mistake I see is the “more is more” mentality when it comes to Christmas decor. Unless you’re signing up to be featured on the Great Christmas Light Fight, I think your home should just be sprinkled with holiday decor. Less is most definitely more, and I show that in my personal space.
  • I love incorporating greenery into my tablescape as a simple way to display festivity. I like to lay garland over a fabric runner and then layer in candles and small hand-carved wood Christmas trees.
  • For design, I tend to go more towards a winter wonderland feel over the traditional red and green Christmas decor. I’ll use natural oak, porcelain, a small amount of gold/brass and a lot of greenery. 
  • I always include a lot of candles in my styling and I ramp it up over the holidays. Candles create instant coziness. Layer in height variation by using candlesticks like large brass candlesticks.

We have fallen in love with this modern holiday home tour. It is the perfect combination of festive and chic. Looking for even more decorating inspiration after seeing this? Read about Interior Designers Sharing Their Tips On How To Tastefully Decorate For The Holidays!

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