Interior Designers Share Their Tips On How Tastefully Decorate For The Holidays

We can almost guarantee that if you were to google “holiday decor” your search would result in a flood of sparkly plastics red and white holiday decor items. Not the vibe you were going for is it? We are all too familiar with the struggle of finding tasteful pieces to decorate for the holidays. That’s why we enlisted help from some of our favorite interior designers, and we have to say these tips are gold! So good, we know we will be coming back to this article year after year to reference it!

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Stick to a theme

When decorating for the holidays, consistency and sticking to your aesthetic is key. For example, if the decorations that you have around your home are mostly gold and neutral, then carry that theme over while you’re setting/decorating the table for your holiday meal. – Bandd Design

Less is more when you decorate for the holidays

You don’t have to go all out and cover the whole house in seasonal pieces when you decorate for the holidays. Add touches and a few statement pieces, such as a wreath or centerpiece, that embrace the holiday to get your home in the holiday spirit without overwhelming your space. – Bandd Design

Not everything has to be plastic

Yes, having a real Christmas tree or pumpkins can be messy, but try not to take the plastic route all over when it comes to holiday decor. Having real greenery for your garland, wreath, or anything along those lines gives the space such a more thoughtful, polished feel. – Bandd Design

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A little goes a long way

You don’t need bright red and green covering every inch of your home for it to read holiday.  One way to keep things tasteful is to use a neutral color palette rather than a colorful one.  I love incorporating wooden objects, felt garland, and miniature pine trees to transition my home for the holidays.  I typically remove a few items from my open shelves and replace them with these neutral holiday pieces so my space doesn’t appear cluttered.  Texture and layers also create coziness, so swap out your throw pillows with softer fabrics like boucle and add a faux fur throw to complete the look. – Elsie Home

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Determine your Style

Ok, first of all- let’s get something straight. I LOVE Christmas, but I hate traditional Christmas decor. All the colors, and sparkling snow and bright red and green and blow up yard decorations kind of makes my eyes bleed. Call me the grinch, but I like to keep it simple during the holidays. Here are my tips on how to be festive but tasteful. – Kate Lester Interiors

Pick a “vibe”

Maybe you are into vintage nutcrackers, or maybe you love a more neutral, coastal holiday vibe. I think it’s important to figure out what you are most drawn to and then run with it. Just grabbing any and every holiday decoration at the store that you like can really quickly have your house looking like the yard from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Kate Lester Interiors

Pick 3 wrapping papers

Each year, my daughter and I pick 3-4 wrapping papers that all tie together and work with our overall vibe. Last year it was brown paper and balck and white stripes and a solid red. Then, when all of the gifts are wrapped under the tree it’s really cohesive and pretty to look at. Santa, obviously, does not abide by my décor rules, so he wraps his gifts in really cool star wars paper. Kate Lester Interior

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Determine your color palette 

I live for neutrals, so I am all about texture and layering, and then allow our tree to be the focal point. Because we use all mis-matched ornaments that are super sentimental to our family, it’s a hodgepodge of color and texture, so I let that shine and keep the other décor in the home more neutral. Kate Lester Interiors

Let your kids do their thing

In their own space, that is! I give my daughter her own mini tree and window decals and reindeer bell garland, and she can go to town in her room! We decorate the tree in the living room as a family, and that’s our really special holiday memory every year, talking about how we remember getting each ornament and the memories we made! Kate Lester Interiors

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Add natural pieces that reflect the season

Try adding dried leaves or magnolia branches to your floral arrangements in the fall, or pine branches, pomegranates, and pepper berries in the winter. The use of simple greenery and a few twinkle lights can add the perfect amount of holiday cheer to your home. You can also add some deep jewel toned accents such as throw pillows or decorative bowls. – Anne Carr Design

Did you find these tips on how to tastefully decorate for the holidays helpful?! Let us know in the comments what was your favorite tip!

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