A Family’s Bold Art Deco Home

Dark walls, statement making artwork, and mixed metals show off this family’s style. Their bold art deco home in Temecula, CA is anything but typical, and no doubt the envy of the neighborhood! It goes to show that top tier interiors and “family friendly” pieces can go hand in hand. Felicia Shelby walks us through a few of her favorite rooms alongside her husband James and their daughters, and leaves us gawking! From the home’s undeniable character to the thoughtful way they designed it, you will be intrigued at every turn.

How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

We absolutely love design and architecture from the neoclassical era. Pulling pieces of sophistication and elegance and mixing them in with an Art Deco flare. Really making a statement. Standing out. Bold.

Tell us a little bit about the history of your home! How did you stay true to that while decorating? 

A: My husband James surprised me with the purchase of our home back in Aug 2017 of this unique 2006 home. The Harveston community, built around a Lake has a Cape Cod feel. Each home being different in architecture and exterior. When I saw the details of the exterior, the black trim and white siding, I knew immediately that I wanted to carry that “different” (to Temecula) style into the home using the same color choices.

What was most important to you when designing the space?

Details! Big or small the attention to detail added to each room was so important. Making sure it’s something unique. Wether it be the ceiling light medallions or custom designed faux fireplace, everything was designed with thought.

What are some of your favorite pieces and how did you discover them?

One of our favorite pieces in the house is an 8ft tall oil painting in my husbands gentleman’s quarters. The piece originally hung in the Santa Monica Rails station. 1 of 7, ours being the smallest. This piece was found from a local antique sellers and we just knew it was special. The history behind it and its massive beauty is a conversation starter.

Another one of our favorite pieces is the floral oil painting sitting on top of the faux fireplace in our “hers” room. I personally love it because it was purchased by my husband at a local Goodwill and was personally touched up by James. Our goal for this “his and her rooms” was to match them in style and theme without making them identical. Adding feminine touches to mine and masculine touches to his.

What was the biggest challenge or project you took on to achieve your dream home?

For the most part our home transformation was challenge free. Our biggest project we had done was smooth coating our walls. Taking away the traditional texture so that when the paint was applied it would almost give it a matte finish. The process of doing that is long and messy! Every small flaw shows, so it was a back and forth effort of smoothing and painting. The two front rooms took the longest because of all the detail put into them.

How did you stay true to your style and also make decor choices that are family friendly?

We put a lot of attention to this actually! Although our girls are a little bit older and have lived in a detailed designed home most of their lives, we love to entertain. The outer circle of the rooms, the walls, hold most of the decor while making the inner circle cozy and sturdy. Soft rugs, inviting sofas, durable coffee tables. All carefully picked. Still all maintaining our aesthetic while having space for family and friends.

Do you have a favorite room in the house and why? 

Our favorite rooms are definitely the front siting rooms. They were the first designed, working together designing the bones and then adding in each of our own pieces.


Biggest Splurge? Biggest Save?

Other than the actual labor into our home, the biggest splurge was our wood flooring and design. We wanted to make sure it fit in with the feel of the design. We chose to do the herringbone flooring in the front rooms and carry the same wood flooring throughout the downstairs. Our biggest save was on some of our furniture pieces. The genuine leather tufted couch was found from a craigslist seller and was sold to us for $300 and we then had it restored for $200. So, a total of $500 for a couch that is selling for $3000.

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