The Best Way to Entertain with Light Bites & Firelight

During the summer months, all we want to do is be outside! Between the Fourth of July, warm nights, and more relaxed schedules, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor entertaining. We have already taken advantage of every occasion whether it be a sunny brunch or backyard campfire. Well today, we’re sharing how we transformed our patio into the perfect place to entertain with light bites and firelight. After reading this, you’ll be more than ready to embark on a little backyard entertaining of your own!

Set The Tone

We fell in love with the TIKI Brand Clean Burn Tabletop System, especially the color and style of the Clean Burn Firepiece in Teal with Flameshield, so we decided to design our patio party around them. We chose to use bright hues of hot pink, yellow and green, and bohemian decor to match the unique teal firepiece.

Beyond style, the Clean Burn Tabletop Firepieces also provide bright & brilliant firelight for a more lively and intimate atmosphere. When used with the Clean Burn Torch Fuel, they burn for 3+ hours, with less soot and smoke so you can enjoy the firelight throughout the duration of your party. Before the party starts, just fill each wick container with the Clean Burn Torch Fuel and light. Yes, it’s that simple! We also incorporated Old World Market Mercury Glass Candles to contribute to the tabletop decor. The teal, orange, and grey colors matched perfectly!

Bring Out Beverages & Appetizers

Summer entertaining doesn’t need to be fancy. Let the casual essence of the season translate into your soiree. One way to achieve this is by serving easy to make and eat appetizers. We went with a gourmet herb popcorn and a cheese board. You can never go wrong with a cheese board! Bring it out with toasts or crackers for everyone to nibble at throughout the day or evening. Finally, we brought out a fruit bowl to add both snack options and color. This is also a great and affordable way to decorate your table!

To combat the warm weather and complement the food, we offered Pellegrino and sparkling blood orange soda. When entertaining during the summer, the goal is to provide a relaxing environment for your guests complete with yummy refreshments.

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