DIY Striped Vase

We’re always looking for fresh ways to display our flowers, we’ve turned just about anything into a makeshift vase (from mason jars to wine bottles).  So when our friend Desiree Hartsock asked us to create something to share on her blog, we thought we would craft up a summery style vase to brighten up the office! We’re kind of obsessed with paper shoppe straws over here, so with dozens lying around they became the “pop” that would make this vase super cute and fun! With such a variety of colors and designs, straws make this DIY easily customizable to your decor wishes! Easy enough to make a handful of, these vases could line any bridal shower brunch or accent a baby gender reveal party! But actually grab the bridesmaids and make a night out of adorning metal cans with colorful straws and filling your DIY vase with floral arrangements! How fun!

What You Need:

Large Can (ours originated as a large can of beans 🙂
Paper Shoppe Straws – striped, or dotted, or black & white if you fancy!
Hot Glue Gun
Pretty Flowers – We are obsessed with Afloral’s silk flowers that will last even when the party is over!

Straw Vase DIY

STEP 1: Peel the label off of the can

Straw Vase DIY

STEP 2: Choose your straw pattern (so many options!)

Straw Vase DIY

STEP 3: Use the hot glue gun to place glue dots at both the top and bottom of the can

Straw Vase DIY

STEP 4: Quickly (before the glue hardens!) and firmly press the straw onto the can where you placed the glue and hold for a few seconds

STEP 5: Continue this process until you’ve circled the can with straws

Straw Vase DIY

STEP 6: After making sure all the straws have stuck, plop in your flowers and find a place to present your masterpiece!

Straw Vase DIY

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  1. So easy, I love it! Totally making these for a brunch I’m hosting this weekend!

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