DIY Chalkboard Wine Charms

Ok, we admit it, we’re a little obsessed with chalkboard paint … and we like to try it on everything! But that’s because who doesn’t like to personalize things in chalk (maybe our childhood love of sidewalk art is resurfacing :)! These DIY chalkboard wine charms are actually too easy and too cute! Forget cheesy stickers or marker smears and make these instead to designate glasses! Perfect for a party, or just drinks with friends, these charms will up the ante on entertaining! Just erase and reuse for really any occasion!

What You Need:

Chalkboard Paint

Wooden Shapes

Hammer & Nails




1. In the top center of the wooden shapes, hammer a nail to create a hole for the string to tie through later.

2. Paint the wooden shapes with the chalkboard paint.

3. Write the desired initials on the dry shapes with chalk.

4. Tie the tags with string onto your wine glass and never second guess your drink again!

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