Creative Brunch Bites for Your Next Party

If there’s one thing we know well, it’s brunch. As we head into more bridal showers, bachelorette bashes, birthday parties, and summer entertaining, we wanted to get creative with our go-to brunch dishes! We reached out to Modern Art Catering to get the scoop on the best creative brunch bites for your next party.

Seasonal fruit and yogurt parfaits

These are as simple to make as they are pretty! Pick out a few of your favorite seasonal fruits, add yogurt and organic granola, and enjoy!


Brunch has become the trendiest meal of the day and an excuse to make food fun again! Whether you are hosting a bridal shower, birthday party or bachelorette bash, you always want to make a statement with your spread. Start by giving your guests what they want and then get creative with your presentation. A room full of bagel lovers? Replace the typical charcuterie board accouterments with halved bagels, an assortment of cream cheeses, sliced tomatoes, and even some smoked salmon! This can be done with any brunch favorite and will make your event far from boring!” – Ashlie Fastino, Infinite Events

Blueberry balsamic toast

Cream cheese, fresh blueberry balsamic and edible flowers –How Instagrammable are these!?

Mini egg, bacon, and cheese sandwiches

A classic breakfast, reinvented in a new size. These bite size delights will be a huge hit at any brunch gathering.

Yogurt & Berries Parfait

“Brunch may or may not be our favorite meal! Everything from sweet parfaits to savory breakfast burritos, anything goes at brunch!” – Vikki & Shannon from All You Need is Love Events  

Tiny buttermilk pancakes

The only thing better than buttermilk pancakes are tiny buttermilk pancakes. We’d love to apply this idea to our favorite French toast, too!

Avocado, fennel, and citrus toast

Avocado toast is a must at any brunch, but upgrade your recipe with fresh fennel and pops of orange!

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