A Charming Preppy Home from Bria Hammel Interiors

We love everything about this charming, preppy home designed by Bria Hammel Interiors! And, to be honest, we love everything Bria designs. It’s natural for a client’s style to pair well with that of its designer but this was a match made in heaven! We were able to chat with Bria about the project, her successful design firm, and the interior design rules that got her there. So when you’re scrolling through this beautiful home, don’t forget to read her interview!

Tell us a little bit about Bria Hammel Interiors!
We are an interior design firm and lifestyle brand passionate about helping people live their lives beautifully. We really believe everything in our world can be made beautiful, if you just put some thought into it. Based out of St. Paul, Minnesota, we work on projects across the country and love sharing our vision with our followers via our blog and social media platforms.
How would you describe your design style?

Fresh, preppy, and feminine. Along with a slight obsession with stripes and major obsession with wallpaper. We love our designs to feel beautiful, fun, and inviting.

Where do you find inspiration in your everyday life? How about for this beautiful project? 

We travel a lot for our projects, and we are always inspired by the architecture and style of the different cities we work in. Fashion also has a major influence on our designs, we often ask clients what some of their favorite stores are to shop at, as it is an instant glimpse into their style and aesthetic.

Every room flows into the next, is there a trick to keeping your home decor cohesive? 

Keeping the color palette and theme consistent in a house is a must with such an open space. It doesn’t mean everything has to be the exact same, but pieces should be interchangeable and the entire space should be designed as one to make sure there aren’t major breaks in the design.

The wallpaper in the bathroom is so pretty and fun! What’s the story behind it? 
We love this bold floral print. Caitlin Wilson is a textile designer on the west coast and we have been following her for a while. When we met our client, who is super fun and trendy, and loves statement pieces, we knew this wallpaper was the perfect pick.
What is your favorite room from this project? 

Its a toss up, I love the kitchen for its simplicity and high contrast. But there is something so inviting about the casual dining room. The artwork makes a big statement, while everything else acts as a comfortable backdrop. The wishbone chairs are the perfect touch of modern against the rustic (family friendly) table.

What are your favorite home trends happening right now?

We are loving all of the natural wood tones being incorporated into designs lately. It warms up all the white that is so popular. Also, we obviously love how blush pink is taking center stage right now. It’s always been part of our brand, and it sure makes it easy for us to design with all the beautiful options featuring this feminine color right now!

Do you have any design rules to live by?

Our number #1 design rule when designing a space is this. You have to pick items you love, and not worry about whether its a trend or not. As long as your home is filled with patterns, colors, and textures that you love, it will ALWAYS be in style for you and that’s all that matters.

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